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Welcome to 'Melbourne Doula', the place where I share what birth work is teaching is me, and what I am learning from the wonderful families who have invited me to share this most special season of their lives. Here you will find information about me and the doula services I provide, birth stories from remarkable women and their loved ones, as well as all kinds of resources to enrich your own journey of discovery. And welcome also to BLISSFUL HERBS, the home of beautiful herbal teas and bath herbs to support wellness through every season of life.


From Mothers

"Oh Julie...what can I say that hasn't been said before? Your beautiful energy, wisdom, delicate but fierce nature, your humility and compassion - you renewed my faith in humanity, and gave me hope that all woman have the ability to be supported in birth, in any capacity. You are a true advocate for women and their families, and this is obvious in everything you do. It starts with your deliciously efficient herbal concoctions, to your divine flower bath mixes, and flows out to your impeccable Doula support. Saying I felt lucky to have you is an understatement. You reassured me in my weakest moments, gave my strength in fresh perspective, created a channel of trust and communication between my husband & I, brought your wealth of knowledge and love into our home, reminded me I would not break and that I was loved, you held my hand and made me feel capable, you gently reminded me to love myself and find my breath on the most insane of days - you will just never know what your person brought into my life on that day. You are so appreciated, for everything you say, and everything you do. Thank you."
Angela, 2nd baby, planned homebirth to natural birth in hospital (barely!) 2015 

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"Julie Bell changed the way I viewed and experienced childbirth. From the moment we met, she opened my mind to information and ideas surrounding pregnancy, birth and motherhood that I was previously unaware of. She provided emotional, spiritual and physical guidance that was invaluable to me and that I will carry forward with me into my new life as a mother. I could not have hoped for a better birth experience. I rated all aspects of her service as excellent. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone seeking the services of a doula."
- Sonia, first baby, born at home, 2009

“The support we had during my pregnancy and birth, once again gave us great confidence in the process. Knowing Julie was there was just a fabulous thing. She was always ready for chat, to discuss concerns, offer suggestions and provide great information and resources to both me and my family. I felt very relaxed with her, and my family were all thankful she was supporting me. I was so focused and confident, and able to fully relax for the majority of the birth. The birth was quite quick, I found it hard to slow down the pushing at the end, which I wanted to do to avoid tearing. The photos Julie took were great to see and have to keep. I might try a homebirth next time.”
- Sally, 2nd baby, born at a Family Birth Centre, 2008

“When looking for a doula for our 5th child I knew we would be at home again, as we did with our 4th child. I knew what I wanted and needed for the birth and was worried I might not find a Doula who I clicked with.
Looking on the net I found several and spoke with a friend also who was looking as well.
Julie replied to a thread on a forum I am on and I thought I should call her.
One night I was having a pregnant moment in regards to Doctors, as you do, and I was frustrated so called Julie. Not long into our conversation I knew she was going to be our Doula.
We met and I could feel she was the one. What helped me a lot was that Julie has children the same ages as my own. She understands them and respects that they are still learning in our world and can be both a delight and a challenge.
I was very excited to call Julie when I knew I was in labour. I could feel her presence in the room, but it was not distracting. I felt at ease to go into my own world knowing she was there with Steven, both ready to tend to the children if need be.
This was very important to me and my frame of mind, knowing my mind could wander freely as it needed to.
Labour was quite quick and VERY intense. It was an effort to keep up with my body.
After our daughter was born Julie watched the children play outside while I could concentrate on birthing the placenta. This was perfect and exactly what I needed.
Her gentleness and understanding of our family and what we all needed was just wonderful.
I am so very thankful that the universe brought her to us.
A HUGE thank you to Julie! You were awesome and so lovely with the children. I am thrilled at your gentleness with not only myself but with the children. The way you were with them helped me be able to focus on myself and our new baby. The time you took to understand my birth journey so far and what I wanted and needed from this birth as well as getting to know our family was very important to me. I felt very confident that you knew what was important to not only me but our little family. Your emotional support was exactly as I wanted and needed. You took the time to understand and learn about what I had been through in the past births and also listen to what I wanted with this birth. You understood very well what my husband’s role was and respected that. You worked with him when needed and communicated well. The post-natal visits were excellent. It was so lovely to talk to you about the birth, the children, my husband and just have someone else so excited for us. And thanks for the big basket of fruit and veg! I think you should charge more. Can I say that?? I absolutely would recommend your services to others – already have and will again.”
- Clare, 5th baby, born at home 2008

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“I had such an awesome freebirth, by far the coolest experience of my (and my partner’s life). Immediately after birth we were talking about how having a homebirth was the smartest move we've ever made because we know we would not have had the happy, normal outcome that we did.
59 hour labour, posterior baby who turned at the beginning of second stage after 58 hours and 10-15 minutes of irregular contractions that looked like early labour most of the time and stalled a number of times. Waters broke just before crowning. One of my doulas, Julie, really helped me get through my mammoth birth experience by filling a mother-figure role, it was the first time in my life I think that I felt really loved by a mother.
Julie, my mama-bear doula: as one of the holders of my birth space, thank you from the depths of my heart/womb/yoni/soul for being there to share the joy throughout my pregnancy as well as my 3-day birth. Having you to reminisce about the most awesome experience of my life with makes it even sweeter. You struck a wonderful balance between hands off-doing nothing: encouraging movement, giving massage etc.
I got a rather big graze with my homebirth/only birth so far, no tear, graze healed in about 2 weeks thanks to baths with herbs & sea salt Julie made for me. and tea tree oil (and squirting the same combo up there after going to the toilet) and applying Manuka honey on the graze in the first week and a half...oh that was soothing! Good idea of Julie’s.
I think I remember the graze happening. I was in the pool pushing, trying to let my body do it and not actively/forcibly push but I think I might have accidentally pushed/forced toward the end of a (natural) push.”

For soothing massage,
Inspiring words,
Believing in my strength,
And for faith

For sleep-deprived nights
Cherished photos
Holding me as I shook
And for trust

For sweet soft voices
Hand-fed grapes
Bringing me flowers
And for respect

For cleaning our house
Warm herbal baths
Singing a whale song
And for love

Julie, my mama bear
Jo, my sister birther
I thank you.”

- Sarah, first baby, born at home 2008

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“The last two months have been such a journey. As I hold my healthy, beautiful daughter, I am very grateful for how you helped me achieve this precious gift. I should have found you sooner! You provided me with an excellent selection of material and information. Really helpful to be able to skim or read thoroughly at leisure. The pre-birth sessions were excellent, really helpful. Your emotional support was fantastic. You were available, knowledgeable, thoughtful, well-balanced, positive – altogether, I couldn’t have asked for any better. The overall birth experience (Julie was not actually present at the birth) could have been better if I had trusted my body more. Next time – no hospital, no stirrups, no episiotomy. The post-natal visits were fabulous, so great to share Madeleine with you as all our choices that made her so healthy were due to our up-skilling in knowledge – thanks to you. Your services are very, underpriced!”
- Helen, first baby, vaginal breech at private hospital 2008

“Thank you for your untiring support every step of the way, for your positivity and professionalism, that we believe was a huge part of our baby being born safely. Your encouragement and support was a huge part of my being able to have a normal vaginal birth despite the opposition and doubt I faced.”
- Sue, 3rd baby, born in public hospital, 2008. (Sue’s baby had a heart defect that was picked up during pre-natal ultra-sound. Her baby was born safely without complications and is awaiting heart surgery.)

“I just had my VBAC in December after having an emergency c-section with my first. My VBAC was fantastic and everything was done totally naturally - no drugs or intervention and natural 3rd stage. I attribute the success to:
1) Heaps of reading and research -
2) A fantastic Doula (Julie Bell)
3) My Obstetrician, who was very supportive of my VBAC and allowed me to do things my way - as long as there was no major problems.
4) Staying at home through the majority of labour
I did heaps of reading so that I knew what I wanted from my birth and don't think that things would have gone nearly so well without my Doula. I also had a very specific birth plan.
I was booked into a private hospital, however I laboured the whole time at home. When I reached the hospital I was fully dilated and had bub an hour later – the doctor didn't even have time to get there!
I thought that I would be asked to come in as soon as labour started, but when I called the hospital I spoke to a midwife who actually wasn't that with it - and said to wait longer at home. Once Julie arrived, she made the difference between racing off to hospital immediately and being able to cope at home until we thought that we couldn't wait any longer. I spent the entire labour standing and moving and in the comfort of my own home, which I think really helped. I remember thinking that if I was in hospital I definitely would have asked for pain relief. Since I was at home, I had to do it myself - which I'm now really proud of!
When I got to the hospital I lost a lot of my rhythm - the room felt awful- cold and with nowhere comfortable to set myself up. Julie right away went round turning down the lights, putting on my music, bringing my pillows from the car, trying to make it a nicer environment. The midwife I got was great - they did put on a mobile monitor (not attached to anything) so I could walk around - but it didn't stay on for long and I can't remember them paying much attention to it. I couldn't lie down (it was too painful) so my Doula said that if they wanted to do an internal they would have to do it with me standing! I was fully dilated and my water broke straight after this. Bub was born after a further 15 min of pushing. I had bub put straight on my chest and he did the breast crawl and I delivered the placenta naturally. I had no tears and no episiotomy.
I definitely recommend a Doula! And making sure that you know what you want and don't want so that you cannot be pushed into things (although you do need to allow room for flexibility if things don't go to plan.) You can do this through lots of reading. My Doula sent me heaps of good material and loaned me books and DVDs. Also stay home as long as possible, as being at hospital allows more time and room for intervention and the cascade of intervention.”
- Carrie, 2nd baby, VBAC at private hospital, 2007

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“I loved having Julie’s support before, during and after the birth. I felt comfortable with Julie from the first meeting and confident in her abilities. Julie provided me with a variety of resources, all with different approaches, so I was able to focus on the ones I felt were most suitable to me. Julie’s books, emails and phone calls were all most reassuring. Having Julie "on tap" via phone and email, leading up to the labour, and then during the first 36 hours of labour meant so much to me, she skillfully responded to every question and worry I had.
Julie is a genuinely caring and lovely person, she related to me very well. Her advice and encouragement was spot on. Julie was there for me whenever I needed anything, such as a drink, pillows, a hug or whatever – I kept getting too hot, then too cold and she was always right on top of my every need. Julie seemed to know what I needed and when. She taught me some techniques beforehand, then during labour she suggested different positions etc, and techniques that really worked i.e. how to breathe during the crowning, which instantly took the pain away and allowed me to relax. She also provided pillows, drinks and warmth when I needed it. I knew that if I needed to lean on her, literally, that she would be there for me. Yet, she was not imposing in any way - she knew when to stand back, and when to step in.
My partner rated the support he received from Julie as excellent. Julie made suggestions to the father about what he could do, for example, I remember she suggested that he give me a big hug, which was wonderful. I think that giving him little tasks got him more involved, and made him feel useful, and not so helpless, and yet again, he said that he did not feel imposed upon, left out or that she had taken over.
The hardest part of the birth for me was arriving at the birth centre and having to deal with the staff – their behaviour and procedures. Julie arrived after that and her support enabled me to avoid being transferred out of the birth centre – something I really wanted to avoid. Her trust in me enabled me to relax and give birth before they had a chance to transfer me. Julie was polite but firm with the hospital staff about my wishes, which was great because a labouring woman should not have to stop to have technical conversations. At the same time Julie was definitely not too "in your face" which might have been distracting or made me feel that I was losing my "power" to her, which would have defeated the purpose.
Next time, I will probably try a homebirth to avoid the medical procedures and pressure. I’ll definitely have a waterbirth. Julie’s post-natal visits were great, Julie was lovely and reassuring. She knew all the info I needed and helped with breastfeeding. I believe the cost is well worth it for the benefits of having such a high level of competent and caring support. I look forward to having Julie at my next birth.
I would definitely recommend Julie to other women, I could not praise her more highly. I felt that she was just perfect at her job, and she enabled me to have the kind of birth I wanted - informed, prepared, calm, natural, fun even, supported, protected and all done in an unobtrusive way. Having only met Julie twice before the birth, I felt so comfortable with her and glad she was there. More than anything Julie has a lovely and delightful spirit and "aura" that makes her perfect for this very important and special job. Looking at Julie's website brought tears to my eyes, in memory of the immense, intense joy I felt during and after the birth of my baby.”
- Simone, 1st baby, born in a Family Birth Centre, 2007

“Julie offered unlimited support to us as we prepared for and went through birth. We couldn’t have done it without her. Our birth experience was perfect for us because we were well-informed and felt empowered to make good decisions – all because of Julie. Julie offered my partner and I critical emotional support in two key ways. Firstly, Julie helped prepare us for the emotional impact of labour by talking us through what might happen emotionally, and strategies we might use to cope. Secondly, Julie was emotionally present and available throughout the labour and birth. She stayed with us through a very long and intense labour, and ensured I remained the person in control of the situation at all times.
Julie was always available for back massages, to lean on, and to assist with helping me in and out of the birth pool. She held my hand through contractions, both at home and in hospital, and through the delivery. Julie also ensured that my physical needs were taken care of, such as regular food and drinks, changes of clothing, cleaning up, and packing bags.
Julie was our strongest spiritual support throughout the labour. She prayed with us, especially when our labour had stalled and we felt spiritual intervention was needed. She also supported our attending midwife and nurse to understand our praying, and our choice of Christian music. Julie also helped me stay in my own spiritual space throughout the labour, ensuring I could concentrate just on me and my labour, rather than on what else might be happening spiritually. She worked with my husband to ensure he felt supported spiritually, and they prayed together when we felt we needed intercessory prayer.
Julie was an immense support to my husband. She was helpful with necessary tasks such as food preparation and for packing bags, but also as an emotional support. Julie helped my partner understand how he could best support me emotionally also, giving him gentle direction and suggestions as to how to respond to every stage we went through. She offered information in an unbiased way so that my husband could make informed choices about what we needed to do during the labour. Julie also went to our home while we were in hospital and cleaned our house. It was an unexpected but a lovely surprise not to go home to a mess. Without Julie’s support, my husband, and other attendants, would have struggled to provide the same level of emotional, physical and spiritual support.
Julie conferred and worked very closely with our midwife and nurse throughout the labour throughout and after the labour. When we arrived at hospital, Julie spoke with our attending midwives as well as the doctors and obstetricians informing the hospital staff of my wishes as asked, as well as affirming our position when questioned. At a critical point in our labour, Julie reiterated our birth plan to the obstetrician to ensure that our requests were respected. Her intervention resulted in a peaceful birth, with as few interventions and unfamiliar faces as possible.
We would certainly use a doula again if we have more children. We couldn’t recommend Julie more highly. I have spoken with a number of women who have consequently used Julie as their Doula, including my sister-in-law. We would not hesitate to use Julie as our Doula in the future.”
- Sarah, first baby, planned homebirth with transfer to public hospital, 2007

“My Doula, Julie Bell, was a Godsend to me. After a traumatic, medical induced labour with my second child, I was determined not to go through that again and started looking for answers. I came across Julie by chance and her support was well worth the cost, as she had all the answers to every question I could throw at her. She was able to show me that birth can be a positive and empowering experience. As a result, I had the kind of birth I thought was only possible in fairy tales. I would recommend hiring a Doula to anyone who is having a baby.
I wanted my third birth to be a positive, natural and active labor as my first two were medically managed and I was on my back through both leaving me feeling helpless and incompetent. Julie's support and knowledge were unbelievable and her belief in me is the reason I was able to relax knowing that I could have the birth that I wanted. As it turns out, I strolled along the river for what I thought was early labor and only called Julie when I thought I still had a few hours to go and we headed to hospital (an hour away). We got to the reception desk but my room wasn't ready yet, so I was put in a consulting room for privacy. It was only going to be 5 minutes until my room was ready - but my daughter had other ideas and was born in those 5 minutes. Although this was not the place I had planned on giving birth, as it was rather small, I would not change a thing. I now consider Julie a close friend and keep in contact with her. She went above and beyond for me.
Julie, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time and encouragement you gave me during my third pregnancy, you gave me the knowledge and courage to have the birth that I wanted. Without your support I would not have believed that it would be possible to have such a positive birthing experience. I cannot express how grateful I am for all your support.”
- Pam, 3rd baby, born at a Family Birth Centre, 2007

“After meeting Julie, my expectations of birth radically changed from fear to strength and determination. Her support and friendship has been invaluable. Her knowledge and wisdom is outstanding. Julie helped amazingly to facilitate a wonderful birth for me and my baby. Julie came into my life and helped make some amazing changes. Her support, tireless dedication and strength at this important time will never be forgotten by me. She is an amazing woman with such a wonderful spirit. All her knowledge, wisdom, kind words, love and friendship made giving birth an absolute honour for me.”
- Janine, 1st baby, born at a Family Birth Centre, 2007

“Everything about the services Julie provided was outstanding. Her dedication shone through and she made our first-time experience a very positive and rewarding one. We would do it all again.”
- Sally, 1st baby, born at a Family Birth Centre, 2006

“I think home or a birth centre is the best place for women to give birth. I would have preferred to have the baby at home, but my situation at the time did not allow for that. I loved the active part, and having a child. I didn’t enjoy the pain. The best part of the birth was having the baby, but also having a drug-free labour, and finding the inner strength to manage the pain, was invaluable.
I think midwives have the most expertise in assisting normal vaginal births. I have met some midwives who were quite abrasive, though, and treated birth as routine. I found the interruptions during labour unhelpful – nurses coming in to take my blood pressure etc. Such an interruption when you are trying to relax, focus and give birth.
My Doula, Julie Bell, was incredibly talented, compassionate and knowledgeable. My husband was wonderful. However, he didn’t have the expertise to really help. And his compassion seemed a bit ‘put on’ at times, when we were exhausted. Julie, my Doula, was an incredible blessing. She was thinking of me, and focussed on me, the entire time. She was compassionate and tender at the times I needed it, and firm when I needed it. And she really knew her stuff. I so appreciated her being there, more than anyone could imagine. Definitely, definitely have a Doula. Hospital staff don’t give you the time and the father, although wonderfully supportive, doesn’t know enough. You need the support and compassion and that care a Doula provides.
Although I eventually needed a caesarean, it was a ‘no-regrets’ caesarean for us because we were supported in all our options and not rushed.”
- Renee, 2004, 1st baby, born at a Private hospital in Thailand, 2004

From Fathers

“I found Julie’s “Cheat Sheet for Dads” excellent. Julie took the time to speak to everyone and answer our questions. She was calm and easy-going. Julie came to both home and hospital and put in heaps of time. Her calming presence was very welcome. Julie is a magnificent advertisement for the profession. I will sheepishly admit that I took some convincing at the start when Carrie first suggested using a Doula. Julie was not only worth every cent, her assistance to both of us was totally priceless.”
- Christian, father of two

From Professionals

"I am a Midwife, working in the Family Birth Centre at a major teaching hospital in Melbourne. In this capacity I have met and worked with Julie on several occasions. She is gentle, patient and professional. I always marvel at the sheer extent of her 'bag of tricks', it seems bottomless! Because we work in the dark I never get to see what she has in there. So when she pulls out yet another trick I am entranced, by the sheer magic of the moment. Julie's nursing background makes her familiar with the ways hospitals operate, so she can confidently advocate for a couple. I love working with Julie and I would love to have Julie with me in labour. Her strength and presence give me the confidence to be as good a midwife as I can be."
- Belinda Henkel, Registered Midwife, July 2008

“Julie supported the woman’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs as they arose during labour. She intuitively knew when to offer comfort measures, privacy, suggestions or words of encouragement. She was nurturing and ‘mothered the mother’ in a respectful manner. As a result of Julie’s support, the woman was able to view her labour experience as very positive, despite not achieving the homebirth she had desired.
Julie supported the woman’s partner in such a way that he was able to be a significant member of the woman’s support team and feel totally at ease with the labour process, yet he was able to withdraw and take time out to rest when needed, knowing that his partner was still in ‘safe hands’.
The woman was able to labour freely without concern for her young daughter, who was also present, knowing that her daughter’s physical and emotional needs were also being met. Julie’s support even extended to the family pets!
Julie worked cooperatively with other birth professionals in such a way that her support for the woman complemented the care that I gave as the woman’s midwife. We were able to work together well, respecting each other’s roles, knowledge and experience, as chosen members of the woman’s birth support team.
I would recommend Julie’s birth support services to other women and birth professionals - I already have, several times since we worked together!
Julie is respectful and supportive of women’s choices in childbirth. She is nurturing and compassionate, qualities that only enhance her wonderful labour support skills.”
- Andrea Bilcliff, Registered Midwife, June, 2008

“Julie's shoulders are soft and comfy, they are ideal for absorbing tears. Her arms are welcoming, perfectly made to give a protective hug. Her hands are warm and gentle, made to give a reassuring touch. Her voice is soft and supportive, perfect for keeping away those scary thoughts. Julie manages to pull all of these attributes together and have them openly available to every woman that she works with.
Julie carries a lot of equipment to every birth. She has everything from a box of tissues to natural remedies and even her own birth pool with heater, all of which are available to the labouring woman. But Julie's support extends beyond this. I have know her to take the labouring woman's other children for a walk; She has also taken the dog for a walk. Julie is willing to wash the dishes and fold the laundry. She has attended to a myriad of other little things that are far too numerous to mention here and, although not directly involved in the labour, can make an enormous difference to the family.
Julie has a non-judgemental attitude to every labouring woman and her family no matter what their religious persuasion. I have seen her pray with a Christian family and offer appropriate support to non-Christians.
As a midwife I have noticed that support of the partner. Family and friends of the woman is often lacking. These significant others are often, metaphorically speaking, pushed into a corner of the room and left to do their own thing. Julie has an inherent ability to bring these people to the forefront and involve them physically and/or mentally in the process of the labour and birth.
I have worked with Julie on a few occasions, and thoroughly enjoyed each encounter. Julie knows her subject and is willing to and comfortable with making suggestions and putting forward her thoughts and ideas. Julie also enjoys learning, She appears comfortable and is quite willing to ask the two main questions, 'how' and 'why' as in 'how does one know if......' or ‘why did you.......'
Julie is very competent in what she does and has an accurate and extensive knowledge base. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any other birth professional. In fact I would go as far as to say that anyone who does not use the services which Julie offers would be missing out not only on a service that not only provides excellent and comprehensive support to the woman, her family and the birth professional but also provides a great learning opportunity for the birth professional.”
- Alan Rooney, Registered Midwife, Dip. App. Sc(N). Grad. Dip Midwifery, 2008

“The foundation of emotional support for labour, between Julie and our labouring woman was established during early pregnancy. Our woman had very much placed Julie in the archetype of Mother during her pregnancy and this continued throughout labour and birth. I felt Julie recognised our woman's transference and struck a magnificent balance of filling her emotional needs as a 'Mother figure', while maintaining professional conduct as her birth attendant. This appeared evident in the birth debrief, as our woman expressed she felt from Julie, a combination of the unconditional love she was craving, mixed with strength she felt she needed.
As part of our partnership, Julie was available to our woman when the birthing father needed a rest, or when our woman expressed she wanted one of her birth attendants near. Again, Julie maintained the balance of being available for our woman, and meeting her own important needs for recharging. Julie provided support for our woman physically (through the use of her body) during the labour period, as well as intuiting and providing our woman's physical needs in the immediate post natal period. In the form of a soothing bath, a peri TLC pack, cleaning and restoring the birth space, attending laundry needs and kitchen clean up, and preparing the sleeping space for our new birthing family.
I felt Julie actively nourished a connection with our woman (and her partner) right from the early stages of pregnancy. The relationship they developed was respectful and without judgement. It was obvious the birthing couple felt free to discuss any of their fears, insecurities, hopes and plans with Julie, without fear of reprisal, ridicule, disrespect or dismissal. They both knew that Julie would hold and protect their planned labour and birthing ideals and do all professionally possible to ensure their outcomes. The empowering and positive outcome of the labour and birth was a testament to the safety and security felt by the woman (and her partner).
Our birthing father was very collected and informed, and he knew his partner well. Julie sensitively probed during the prenatal period, to uncover any doubts, fears or insecurities he may have been feeling. She addressed each of these with respect, knowledge and reassurance. Most significantly, Julie was able to ascertain the degree to which the birthing father wanted to be a part of the labour and birthing journey, and actively empowered him to fulfil the role he desired to play for his family. In a physical sense, Julie was able to recognise and step in when the birthing father needed to recharge, and was able to allow him to do this without him, or the birthing woman feeling like he was 'deserting'.
Our birth team consisted of Julie and I, and the birthing couple. I felt Julie displayed the utmost respect for me in a professional (and personal) sense. We had frequent meetings during the prenatal period, sharing our thoughts and insights on the birthing couple; discussing and sharing our individual approaches to birth and which approaches we thought would best suit our birthing couple. We were in constant communication during the early labour period before joining our couple, and then worked instinctively and cooperatively together during established labour and the immediate post natal period. Julie was very respectful of space and contact - for example during moments when the birthing woman had her focus on me. She was never intrusive or condescending. Our dynamic was one of equality and team work.
I would certainly recommend Julie's services to other women and to other birth professionals. Julie has a depth of experience, both professionally and personally in the birthing arena. She works regularly to keep her skills fresh and up to date; she frequently attends birthing and parenting on line forums, sharing her knowledge, insight and experience; and she remains a humble student to birth - always open to learning and evolving from the women she attends, the professionals she works with and from the process of labour and birth itself.”
- Jo Barker, Naturopath & Doula, May, 2008