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Clare's Family Birth

To be present when Clare and Steve welcomed their 5th beautiful baby into the world, in the privacy of their own home, was a truly blessed experience.

I love this drawing by one of Clare's sons. Isn't it great?

Clare writes,

"We have a little girl and she is just beautiful. So alert and a fantastic booby girl! Her name is P and we are all absoultely smitten.

She was born at around 9.50am this morning in water.

What a huge surprise to see a vagina!! I was swaying towards a boy in the end.

Labour was quite quick and VERY intense. It was an effort to keep up with my body.

I am still quite sore and the afterpains are extremely painful, I have had to stop and breathe through them. Yes, I know I have a kick arse uterus but damn, these buggars hurt! Not fair!

Our youngest boy was asleep in our bed when she was born, but the eldest three were just behind the pool and are still talking about it. Lots of fascination with the placenta as it was a blueish colour.

A HUGE thank you to Julie! You were awesome and so lovely with the children."

Clare's largest baby was 12 pounds, born at the Mercy Hospital Family Birth Centre, over an intact perineum.

Clare's subsequent babies have all been around 10 - 11 pounds.

Here is beautiful P at a picnic when she was 4 months old. How lucky am I, getting a cuddle!

P and H are having a little girl chat. These two lassies were both born in my birth pool (it is an inflatable 'La Bassine', which I loaned to their mothers), just two weeks apart!

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