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10 Things You Can Do For Birth Reform

Ten things YOU (and/or your consumer/professional group) can do for birth reform

1. Visit the following websites:
- Maternity Coalition
- Homebirth Australia
- Save Birth Choices
- Joyous Birth
- Facebook group: Help save the right of women to birth their babies at home

2. Sign the on-line petition on the Homebirth Australia website – join the 15,000 signatures already there. Print out the petition - put it up around your shops, community centres etc

3. Join Maternity Coalition – see the website

4. Spread the word. Send this on to friends/colleagues who are interested in protecting childbirth in Australia.

5. Write a letter to your local State MP. Your letter can be short –a couple of paragraphs would be fine. Please attach Maternity Coalition’s brief on homebirth. Email for a copy.
In your letter you might like to say whether you’ve birthed at home or not, and why you are concerned about women losing the option of birthing at home with a qualified midwife. Ask them directly what they will do to protect mums and their babies. Also ask them for a meeting.
Please write and say that they need to find a way for midwives to be able to provide homebirth care after the new regulation system starts on 1 July 2010. You don't need to sound like an expert, just tell them that it matters to you.
MPs who are members of Cabinet are particularly important. Maternity Coalition would like for every single Cabinet member to receive our brief on the issue of national registration (homebirth).

6. Write to your Federal MP and Senators (see list in this info pack) OR find out who your Federal MP is here
You could probably send the same letter (remember to change the names though!) to both your State and Federal MP. Again, please attach Maternity Coalition’s brief and ask them directly what they will do to protect mothers and babies.
Three Bills have been introduced to Commonwealth Parliament to implement the Government's maternity reform agenda. These Bills give Medicare and subsidised insurance to eligible midwives - a huge breakthrough for Australian women. The problem is that the Government doesn't intend the insurance to cover homebirths, at this stage.
Because some politicians are worried about this homebirth insurance issue, a Senate Committee is investigating. This Committee needs to hear it loud and clear that homebirth matters as a choice for Australian women.
Please write to our Senators and tell them how much women's right to choose homebirth matters to you.

7. Attend the meeting with Fran Bailey MP in Healesville on Friday 14 August at 1 pm
You can also go to the Facebook page of MP Tammy Lobato and leave a comment there.

8. Add your name to the Yarra Valley Birthing Choice contact list, to be kept up to date with developments: email to have your name added.

9. Attend the rally in front of Parliament House in Canberra on 7 September. Homebirth Australia needs at least a couple of thousand people to attend to make an impact on the politicians. This means YOU need to get there. Check out their website for more details

10. We all know something that many others in our community do not – we know that BIRTH MATTERS. Hold on to this: EVERY Australian woman can choose where, how and with whom she births. Together we have achieved so much, and together we will achieve so much more. For the sake of our sisters, our daughters and our sons.

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Very comprehensive blog Julie, well done!