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Welcome to 'Melbourne Doula', the place where I share what birth work is teaching is me, and what I am learning from the wonderful families who have invited me to share this most special season of their lives. Here you will find information about me and the doula services I provide, birth stories from remarkable women and their loved ones, as well as all kinds of resources to enrich your own journey of discovery. And welcome also to BLISSFUL HERBS, the home of beautiful herbal teas and bath herbs to support wellness through every season of life.

Inspiring quote about normal birth

How's this for a beautiful description of normal birth?

"If you are privileged enough to have witnessed a woman giving birth unaided in a place she has chosen, what will you have seen?

You will first have been in awe of her strength. Her thighs stand strong and mighty like those of a warrior as she stands, sways, and squats to find the best position to ease her baby out. Then you will hear the deep primal cries she makes as she does her work, sounds that come not from her throat but from her belly as she grunts and moans and roars with exertion; sounds seldom heard except in the most uninhibited of love-making. Maybe you will notice the glistening river of mucous tinged with blood and waters that run down her thighs unheeded; she is beyond noticing such things, moved as she has done into another plane of existence. And then finally perhaps you are struck by her beauty: her face softened with the flow of oxytocin, her eyes wide and shining, her pupils dark, deep, and open. And you will think - for how could you not - what a phenomenal creature is a woman."

- Ed Soo Downe, "Normal childbirth: evidence and debate."

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