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Welcome to 'Melbourne Doula', the place where I share what birth work is teaching is me, and what I am learning from the wonderful families who have invited me to share this most special season of their lives. Here you will find information about me and the doula services I provide, birth stories from remarkable women and their loved ones, as well as all kinds of resources to enrich your own journey of discovery. And welcome also to BLISSFUL HERBS, the home of beautiful herbal teas and bath herbs to support wellness through every season of life.

List of Blissful Herbs products


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Fabulous packages for doulas, midwives and all who work with birthing women. There are some crazy good deals here, check it out:

Herbs for your thriving doula business or midwifery practice

Herbs for Pregnancy

Mum's Tum herbal tea

Pregnancy Bliss herbal tea

Pregnant Mama Bliss bath herbs

Birth Vibes tea

GD Pregnancy tea - to help support healthy blood sugar levels during pregnancy

PIH Support tea - to help support healthy blood pressure during pregnancy

Mother Blessing footbath petals

Candida Blitz tea and bath herbs

VV-ease  tea and bath herbs - to ease variscoe veins, including vulval variscosities 

PUPPP-ease tea and bath herbs - to ease the itching and rash associated with PUPPP or PEOP.

Haemorrhoid Blitz bath & topical herbs, and Haemorrhoid Blitz Balm

Prep for Breastfeeding tea - with Goat's Rue and other herbs, for the last few weeks of pregnancy, to help support a plentiful milk supply after birth. Suitable for IGT.

Herbs for Birth

Birthing Bliss tea

Birth Boost tea - with Schisandra, to support stamina, endurance and courage during a long or challenging labour

After Birth tea

No Bleed tea

After Pain-ease tea - to help reduce the discomfort of afterpains following birth.

Umbilical Cord Ties - a lovely alternative to the plastic clips

Here is a montage of photos of mothers and babies enjoying their Post Natal Bliss herbal bath:


Herbs for the Post Partum

Post Natal Bliss bath & compress herbs

Pretty Petals to scatter on top of the herbal bath water

Soothing Salve - for the healing perineum, baby care, and nipple care

Babymoon Bliss tea

Baby Blues tea

After Pain-ease tea & tincture

Breastfeeding Bliss galactagogue tea and tincture

Sore Nipple Bliss topical herbs

Mastitis Blitz tea, compress herbs, ointment & tincture

Lotus Birth herbs - for the care of the Lotus Birth placenta. With Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme and Rose petals or any combination of your choice.

PPH Recovery tea - with iron-rich herbs.

Mother's Milk bath soak - to support relaxation, oxytocin and milk flow.

Colic-ease tea - carminative herbs for mother to drink to benefit the baby via the breastmilk, to ease wind and colic in baby.

Galactofuge tea - to reduce milk flow and help dry up supply. With Peppermint, Thyme, Sage etc

Mother Blessing Gift Packs - choose from $35, $50 and $65 kits

Herbs for your thriving doula business or midwifery practice

A Trio of Tinctures = $20.00

Birthworker Bulk Packs = $30.00

Basic Birthy-ness Kit = $40.00

Blissful Birthing Kit = $50.00

Blissful Abundance Kit = $85.00

Herbs for Little Ones

Lullaby Bliss tea and bath herbs; Sleepytime Balm & Saving Grace Bedtime Cordial

Nappy Rash Blitz bath and topical herbs

Eczema Bliss bath and topical herbs

Soothe-a-fever bath herbs

Herbs for Pre Conception

TTC Bliss tea

Virilitea for men

TTC/PCOS Support tea

Yoni Bliss steaming herbs

Herbs for Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy Loss Solace tea

The Carys Blend

Womb Love tea

Rest & Heal bath herbs

Good Grief tea

Herbs for the Moon Cycle

Moon Cycle Bliss tea

Moon Cycle Bliss PMS-ease tea

Moon Cycle Bliss Bleed-ease tea

Moon Cycle Bliss Cramp-ease tea

Moon Cycle Bliss bath herbs

Balanced Woman tea

Change of Life tea

Yoni Bliss steaming herbs

Herbs for Family Well-being

Cold & Flu Blitz tea

Immunity Bliss tea

Headache-ease tea

Hayfever Blitz tea

Breathe-ease tea - with anti-allergic, anti-spasmodic and expectorant actions to help ease coughing and support clear airways. 

Tummy Bliss tea

75g Tummy Bliss tea, $13.00
Image by Angela Gallo
Triple H tea - support for hiatus hernia and heartburn

Joint-ease tea and bath herbs

Sleepytime Bliss tea and balm

Eczema Blitz topical herbs

Skin Bliss tea

Acne Blitz topical herbs

Herbal Hair rinse

Balanced Weight herbal tea

Love Your Liver tea

Urinary Tract Support tea

Lymph-clease tea - with Cleavers, Astragalus and more, to support lymph flow and function

Mellow Mood / Mellow Mama relaxation bath herbs

Muscle-ease bath herbs

Anti-inflamm tea - with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions to nourish the musculo-skeletal system and promote healing after injury.

Haemorrhoid Blitz topical herbs, tea and balm

Candida Blitz tea and bath herbs

VV-ease - relief for variscose veins, including vulval.

Chillblain support tea and topical herbs

Lover's Bliss - with herbs reputed for their aphrodisiac virtues

Fit & Well herbal tea - rich in anti-oxidants to support optimal health

Detox Bliss - for cleansing and detox, and to ease cravings 

Fatigue Support tea - with adaptogens and nourishing herbs to provide stamina and relieve fatigue.

Herbs for Recovery

Healing Bliss tea

Anti-oxidant tea


Herbs for Strength and Calm


Stress Less tea

Mood Lift tea

Energy Lift tea

Mood/Energy Lift tea

Brain Power tea

Centred Mama Bliss tea - to gently ease feelings of stress & anxiety

Good Grief tea 

Peace of Mind tea - herbal support for the nervous system and liver, to ease stress and anxiety, suitable for the non-pregnant.

F*** It All tea

For the bliss of tea
Mint Bliss
Citrus Bliss
Lemon & Ginger Bliss
Festive Chai
Blissful Chai
Aniseed Bliss
Spice of Life Culinary herbs - a delicious multi-purpose blend for the kitchen with 100% Australian Certified Organic herbs including Basil, Caraway, Cumin, Parsley, Oregano, Himalayan Pink Salt, Sage and Thyme.


Bamboo strainer $8.50

Bamboo long-handled spoon $2.75

Re-usable beaded muslin tea bag $6.50

Pkt of 20 paper filter tea bags $3.00

Cleansing bottle $3.00

Muslin draw-string bath bags - small $1.50 / large $2.00

Soothing Salve - from $5.25

Sassy Soap - all natural soaps $6.00 each

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Getting the best from your herbal teas

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you for the amazing service - I placed the order on Wednesday, 2 days after my due date. Our daughter was born on Thursday morning, and my Post Natal Bliss herbs were delivered the same morning - perfectly on time, so I could start using them straight away. I loved the Babymoon Bliss tea, the Post Natal bath mix, and the peri bottle was super-handy for the hospital to speed up the healing of the grazes. It is not very often that you see service providers going an extra step for their customers, and I wanted to thank you again for taking that extra step and sending my order to me so quickly -probably before you even received the money transfer! I am definitely going to recommend you to all my pregnant friends/family, and will be happy to be your customer again. - Anastasia

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing your awesome work, it's fantastically guilt-free to be able to purchase such wonderfully beneficial herbs in environmentally-friendly packaging. Chelley.

Anonymous said...

I love Blissful Herbs. Not only are your products beautiful and well presented, I know it's an ethical business with compassion at its heart. Anyone who has met Julie will know this! I think I'll make a cup of tea now... - Chezelle

Anonymous said...

Mamas everywhere are lucky to have you - I reckon that for quite a few, your teas and bath herbs are their "treats", an oasis in the desert some days lol. And for those women you support in their journeys, I hope they realize how lucky they are to have the support of such a dedicated, knowledgeable and wise presence. You are "with woman" and that is something that is becoming rare, and something you should be truly proud of. - Jen

Anonymous said...

My children always gratefully accept Tummy Bliss tea whenever they are feeling poorly and I am always glad to be able to offer something that I know is soothing and helpful. - Kathy

Anonymous said...

My box arrived on the doorstep today and WOW! Just slitting the tape on the box released the most heavenly fragrance into my home I *felt* well and at peace just simply smelling it all As always, so beautifully packaged and presented, not a single detail left out. I can and do wholeheartedly recommend you and your beautiful products to so many people, hoping they, too can benefit from the packages of healthful love and sweet smelling goodness you send out Thank you for yet another wonderful parcel, and I look forward to an incredible pregnancy and birth, supported by your beautiful herbs and teas. Amy.

Jenny said...

Thank you for continuing your awesome work, it's fantastically guilt-free to be able to purchase such wonderfully beneficial herbs in environmentally-friendly packaging

Anonymous said...

Blissful Herbs provides a truly wonderful service for women. During my fourth pregnancy I learnt about the Pregnancy Bliss tea and decided to try it out. Although I was taking iron supplements, these have negative side effects with only moderate results so I was really keen to also try a natural approach to supporting iron absorption as well as other vital nutrients.
I was approaching the third trimester when I ordered the tea, studying full-time at university, raising three children and still breastfeeding my youngest child. I was tired, my house was a mess, I struggled to study at night and the couch seemed like my best friend! However, within a week of drinking the Pregnancy Bliss tea it felt like the fog of exhaustion began to lift. I started to feel really good physically but just as important was the mental clarity that returned, helping me to retain information as I prepared for university exams.
I continued to drink the tea daily, enjoying both the taste and the knowledge that it was providing health benefits as well. Now 13 weeks post-partum and I am still drinking this tea. I also love the Babymoon Bliss tea and should mention the 'peri bottle' is fantastic for after birth as well. Thank you for your time and care in preparing your teas and products Julie, I am a very happy customer and recommend your website to other mothers whenever I can. - Kate Emerson - doula, nursing student, mother of four

Anonymous said...

I started arranging / organising / sorting out my birthing stuff today and am in love all over again with the smells of those Post Natal Bliss bath herbs - such a sweet sweet smell and so many lovely memories from bathing in the beautiful herbal water with a very teeny baby girl. The room in which I had stored all the birth and baby things in (closed most of the time - spare room / guest room / storage room lol) smelled divine on walking in there, the herbs had left their gorgeous scent all through the entire room! - Amy xxx

Anonymous said...

I feel a bit like a tea junkie (Ive started first with your Pregnancy Loss Solace tea over a year ago. I really feel good during this pregnancy and our little baby is growing well and I honestly believe your teas and advice have been a big part of this. Thank you! - Megan.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for my beautiful package which arrived in the mail today. I woke up so excited today hoping I would get it today as I ran out of my Pregnancy Bliss tea yesterday. Open the package and it smells divine (as always).
And thank you very much for including a little extra something in there for me which I didn't order. Very generous indeed. I love your products so much and the fact you used recycled goods to package and also for your information. I recommend your services and products to anyone interested. Thank you again. Jade.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for my beautiful package which arrived in the mail today. I woke up so excited today hoping I would get it today as I ran out of my pregnancy bliss tea yesterday. Open the package and it smells divine (as always).
And thank you very much for including a little extra something in there for me which I didn't order. Very generous indeed. I love your products so much and the fact you used recycled goods to package and also for your information. I recommend your services and products to anyone interested. Thank you again. Jade.

Victoria Berekmeri said...

Julie, your products are amazing it's always such a delight seeing my clients faces when they receive some of your products in my gift bags. The tender and natural products are the perfect support for women and I will always be an advocate for your vision and products. Love, light and thanks! Victoria x

Anonymous said...

A massive thank you for the beautiful package that arrived today! I can't wait to use it and finally clear up my infection that has been lingering for 20 months. I wish I had known more about your products back then! I will definitely use them next time. Regards, Jo

Anonymous said...

I would like to vouch for the effectiveness of the Brain Power tea. I'm a businesswoman in the IT industry and a mother of young children. For the past couple of years, I've noticed my thinking was often foggy and I had problems with memory, creative thinking and just felt plain tired. My mind was ltting me down in several areas of my life.
Julie mixed me a special brain power blend without Ginko (since it gives me a headache) and with schisandra berries.
I have been taking the tea daily for a week and have noticed:
- increased speed in creative thought and problem solving
- improved concentration and focus
- better conversational skills
- better mental stamina
- vivid, memorable dreams (an added bonus, as previously I could never remember my dreams).
I have been absolutely amazed at the effectiveness of thie blend. To be honest, I didn't think it would make much difference but I was a bit desperate as my work was struggling. But my partner has commmented on the difference and I have noticed significant differences already. I have already recommended this tea to my best friend. I would say, to anyone who's suffering from foggy brain, definitely give it a try as you have nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

I have been purchasing your herbal teas and peri care kits for a few months now for my business. WOW the feedback especially on the peri care kits has been wonderful and all 100% positive! My clients are astounded just how this product has helped them after delivering their baby. Your work and products is amazing. Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your teas. I have been drinking the pregnancy loss solace tea and have found it really helping my womb. I'm enjoying blessing new mums with your mastitis teas and the feedback has been positive so far. My sister didn't need more antibiotics as she was drinking the tea and using the blitz soak. Thank you Julie. I'm so greatful.

Anonymous said...

So grateful for these post natal herbs and teas from Julie Bell. When I was pregnant with my first Aqeel and was pretty upset by the hospital system and how unsupported it felt, I had a dream about Warburton and one day I just typed in Melbourne doula in Facebook and what to do you know, this birthing angel lived in Warburton a place I had never even been to. I knew I was being guided and so I rang her still nervous cuz I was a first time mother not even sure what questions to ask. She talked to me for 40 minutes even though she didn't know me from a bar of soap and here I was a mamma letting her know the reason I was ringing her was cuz I had a dream about Warburton and I was exploring my options for birthing naturally at home. Her passion for natural birth and her kindness and generosity of spirit was just so refreshing. My 1st baby chose her as my doula and I am so so grateful for her services and amazing grassroots business that's got raving fans because people come first and her customer service is just excellent. When I told Julie I could have baby #2 any day now she had my pack express posted with some goodies thrown in too. With Aqeel i did tear slightly and was able to avoid having to have stitches - all I had was these Blissful herbs and tea and Manuka honey and healed naturally within a few days. Feeling so grateful xx do yourself a favour and check out and get your hands on these herbs x I love the written descriptions of what each herb assists with and feel so much more ready for baby #2. Thank you Julie for your work in the world. Nadhira

Unknown said...

Julie I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and advice on picking the right tea and supplies for my postnatal care. Being new to the tea world I am so grateful you took the time to really answer my questions and find the best deal for me. I cannot wait to recieve my order. Tegan

Anonymous said...

I was so in love with your beautiful teas in my birthing and post partum period... They helped me immensely. Thank you for doing what you do!!! Elly

Anonymous said...

Your teas (and more) were enjoyed through our entire journey from pre-conception to post birth! I just want to say how much I loved using them. Thank you for creating such beautiful nurturing products that really do work. They were a blessing to our family more than you know! Natalie xx

Tamara said...

Thank you so very much for your amazing service and wonderful tea. I am sipping on some TTC Support tea and it tastes beautiful, its so calming. The cord ties are perfect and I love the extra one you put in for us thank you so much!Postage was super fast.
Cannot wait to try more of your variety, hopefully I will be able to order pregnancy and birth support herbs soon :-)
Defiantly recommend you to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick one to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Received my order today, and everything is just wonderful! Have taken a photo of all the products together to share with my followers and I will do a thank you post on your page.

The umbilical cord tie is PERFECT by the way, and made me quite emotional to think of using it on my baby boy soon. Thank you for the gorgeous soap, too!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful service! Received my order overnight to Queensland and the products are just divine. Thank you so much for being so accommodating to this postpartum mumma. Ellie

Anonymous said...

I last reviewed Blissful Herbs while pregnant in 2013 when I purchased a tea to try and help calm my vomiting. 4 years on and I am still very happy with the blends Julie creates. Julie is very professional and always happy to answer any questions. Even tweak her blends to suit my tastes or needs. My only criticism is she lives so far away from me but thankfully she posts! Crystal.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful products & lovely service. I have used the teas and baths in both pregnancies and absolutely love them, such a great product and support. I have now got some other teas to drink following the birth of my baby to support me during that time and am looking forward to trying them. Julie is lovely and very helpful with any questions or decisions on what is the best product for you and your family. Thank you so much xx

Anonymous said...

Everything was fantastic. Such beautiful products clearly put together with beautiful intention. Amy

Unknown said...

Just so helpful