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Support for low milk supply

I personally experienced this with my 4th baby, after having no problems with my first three. I understand what a challenging journey it can be.

I was only able to breastfeed my boy exclusively until he was 3 months old. Then I did a combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding using donated EBM until he was 13 months old. So although I grieved the loss of my breastfeeding dreams, at least he was able to have *some* breastmilk until he was 13 months.

I hope these links will provide some helpful information and support for you too.


Low Milk Supply - an American site

Living with chronic low milk supply (a MOBI page)

Lactogenic Food and Herbs (a MOBI page)

Increasing low milk supply (Kellymom)

Prescription medications for low milk supply (Kellymom)

Herbal Remedies for Low Milk Supply (Dr. Jack Newman)

PCOS and Breastfeeding (Australian Breastfeeding Association)

Night feeds and milk supply by Pinky McKay

Facebook Pages:

Human Milk for Human Babies Victoria (this is where I sourced my EBM). HM4HB is worldwide - you will be able to find a group in your area.

Low Milk Supply (a Facebook page set up by me. Scroll down the page and check out the 'notes' to find useful resources.)

Breastfeeding - give it a go!

IGT and Low Milk Supply Support Group

Breastfeeding Support


Breastfeeding Bliss galactogogue tea and More Milk tincture by Blissful Herbs

Mother's Milk Bliss bath herbs by Blissful Herbs

Mother Love More Milk Plus herbal capsules


A Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk


One of many "Lactation Cookie" recipes. This one's a little different to the usual ...

Easy, 'Aussie'-fied Lactation Cookie recipe
Cream 500g Butter.
Chuck in what's left of the Brown Sugar in the packet. (In our house - prolly about 4 tbsp)
Coupla spoonfuls of Peanut Butter.
Coupla spoonfuls of Molasses.
Dollop of Flaxseed Oil.
1 can of Condensed Milk
1 egg
Dribble of Vanilla
Shake of Cinnamon & Nutmeg
Cream-cream-cream-cream it all together.

Now, ready for the dry ingredients:
A cup or so of rolled oats
A cup or so of Self Raising Flour

Now for the Healthy Bits:
Any thing you like from the following list or similar:
Brewers Yeast
Flaxseed Meal
Whey Powder
Crushed nuts of your choice (I like Pecans, Walnuts and Almonds)
Goji Berries
Raisins / Sultanas
Chopped dried Apricots
Sunflower Seeds

And the Yummy Bits, to make you eat them:
Choc Chips!

Mix it all together until it's the right consistency to shape cookies.

No way am I going to tell you what temp oven or how long, your oven is different to mine, mine is gas, with no fan, so you cook them right up under the grill to avoid them burning on the bottom, on a really low temp, until they are just barely pale brown then whip 'em out quick before they over-cook on the bottom. Now, your oven's not like that, is it??

(Yes, of course the above was written by me!)

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