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Another Submission to the Senate Committee

Some people just have a way of calling a spade and spade and getting right to the point. This submission, composed by a much-loved mate of mine, would be funny if the situation wasn't such a debacle:

Dear Fascist Bully Boys,

I don't know why I am bothering to write this, because it made no fucking difference the first 8 times I wrote it.

I want the right to make my own decisions about where and with whom I use my vagina.

I don't want your input on whom I sleep with nor with whom I choose to birth with.

Do you really honestly think for one minute that you care more about the outcome of my birth than I do?

How much have you invested into my birth?

How much has Pesce?


I don't want your medicare. I don't want your insurance. I don’t want your idea of collaboration.

I just want to be treated like the highly intelligent person that I am and given the basic human right to choose homebirth with a midwife for myself and my family.

Please keep your laws off my body.


Angry tax-payer.
Amen, sister!

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