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Imagine ...

This is a powerful presentation by Carla Hartley of the Trust Birth Initiative.

It begins with these words:

"Imagine a world where every decision a woman made concerning birth was based on truth rather than fear and misconceptions ..."

I had the great privilege of finding myself sitting next to Carla Hartley at the 2007 Homebirth Conference in Sydney. As we both knew few other people, we sat together and had a great chat, finding ourselves on the same wavelength. Carla organized the fantastically successful Trust Birth conference in March 2008. The next Trust Birth Conference, also to be held in California, is coming up in March 2010. Find more details here.

Sometime before I met Carla in person, I read these words on her web-site which resonated with me:

"Truth has a power all it's own. Truth is stronger than lies. We need to tell the truth about birth. Trust will follow."

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Carla Hartley's BirthTruth said...

Julie, thank you! You were such a bright spot for me at that conference in Sydney. I was so excited to be able to take Dr. John and Audrey there and for him to be so popular just made my heart pitter-patter.....but it was our conversations about trusting birth that really stayed with me. P.S. If you will find a way to get here, I will waive your conference fee. Carla