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Welcome to 'Melbourne Doula', the place where I share what birth work is teaching is me, and what I am learning from the wonderful families who have invited me to share this most special season of their lives. Here you will find information about me and the doula services I provide, birth stories from remarkable women and their loved ones, as well as all kinds of resources to enrich your own journey of discovery. And welcome also to BLISSFUL HERBS, the home of beautiful herbal teas and bath herbs to support wellness through every season of life.

Post Natal Bliss mini packs *NEW*

A set of 3 x 15g mini-packs - $10.00

Our popular Post Natal Bliss healing bath herbs are the bomb for those first few 'ouchy' days after giving birth.

Now we have them in small "mini packs", just perfect for a single bath or sitz bath.

Each sachet is made of oxygen-whitened paper, just like a large tea-bag, containing 15g of Post Natal Bliss herbs, and heat-sealed.

You just drop the sachet in your bath, climb in - and enjoy the healing herbal benefits.

Your baby can enjoy the herbal bath too - a great chance for some more skin-to-skin snuggling.

The herbs are naturally antiseptic and analgesic, soothing away discomfort and excellent for healing tears and grazes after birth. They are also wonderful for sore nipples, haemorrhoids and even for the baby's umbilicus.

Read more about the herbs included in the Post Natal Bliss sachets, and their healing properties, here


1 sachet = $3.50
3 sachets = $10.00
5 sachets = $15.00

A single 15g mini-pack, in re-usable ziploc bag - $3.50

To order:

Email Julie at and provide a postal address for delivery.

The Post Natal Bliss herbs also come in larger amounts:

* 50g Post Natal Bliss herbs - $8.50 (muslin bag available for 50 cents extra = $9.00)
* 100g Post Natal Bliss Peri-Care Kit - $16.00 (with muslin bag AND a special peri-cleanse bottle included)
* 200g Post Natal Bliss Peri-Care Kit - $30.00 (with a muslin bag AND peri-cleanse bottle included)

These come packaged in a eco-friendly, heat-sealed Detpak "rebbit" bag, which is 100% compostable once the tin-tie is removed. The 100g and 200g Peri-Care kits include an unbleached cotton muslin string bag in which to place the herbs. This is easy to dry and use again. Full instructions come with each kit. More details here

50g Post Natal Bliss half packet, with muslin bag = $9.00
Soft-side perineal cleansing bottle, with gentle-spray spout = $2.00

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