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Hayfever Blitz tea

This nourishing blend of herbs supports the immune system to help relieve symptoms associated with hayfever.

Seasonal hay fever or allergic rhinitis is a common ailment that, although not harmful, can be tiring and annoying.

Hayfever is a reaction to pollen from trees, grasses and weeds that makes the immune system respond as if pollen is a harmful invader, triggering production of the antibody immunoglobulin E.

This stimulates release of histamine, causing inflammation and swelling of the nasal passages, along with excessive mucus production and other symptoms such as sneezing, itching nose and throat, watery eyes and a runny nose.

Nature provides herbs and food that can help reduce the symptoms of hayfever. Try adding more kiwi-fruit, turmeric, ginger onion, pineapple, garlic, oranges and raw green veges to your diet. You might also wish to reduce or eliminate dairy products and see if that helps.

And of course, we have the herbs of "nature's pharmacy" to help as well.

The Hayfever Blitz tea contains:

Nettle - contains natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Nettle can help relieve inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and ease nasal congestion, sneezing and itching.

Licquorice - supports the immune system and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Licorice root has a soothing effect and helps to reduce irritation of the respiratory system.

Chamomile - a calming anti-allergic herb useful for hayfever

Elderflower - reduces inflammation and soothes irritated mucosa. Also has expectorant action.

Feverfew - anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties make this herb useful for relieving hayfever and mild asthma.

Skullcap - inhibits histamines, reduces inflammation and airway sensitivity

Gingko - an effective anti-histamine

Echinacea - supports the immune system

Plantain - has soothing, anti-allergic effects

A pregnancy-friendly blend of this tea is available.

15g = $3.50
25g = $5.00
50g = $8.50
60g = $10.00
75g = $13.00
100g = $16.00
150g = $23.50
200g = $30.00

Postage is $8.00 for packages up to 500g, Australia-wide.

You use about 1 tsp of loose herbs per cup of tea, which is about 2-3 grams. So if you drink, say, 3 cups a day, you'll need about 5g of herbs per day. That will help you figure out how much tea you'd like to buy.

We also have lovely tea-making accessories which are ideal for use with herbal teas.

To order, email with your postal address.

Disclaimer: This information is based on the empirical knowledge of traditional herbal medicine, is of a general informational nature and does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Any health condition should be referred to your chosen health care practitioner. Check with your health care practitioner before commencing to use any herbal tea, and be aware of any personal and family allergies.


Anonymous said...

I'm a chronic hayfever sufferer and it's been even worse during my pregnancy. Over the years I've tried everything and was resigned to the fact that only pharmaceutical drugs worked for me. When I ordered my pre and post natal herbs/teas I saw the Hayfever Blitz tea and thought I may as well give it a go, but I wasn't at all hopeful it'd do anything.'s magic! If I start to get the telltale tickle I just brew a cup and within minutes the hayfever is warded off, it's unbelievable! Thanks so much Julie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie, this tea is amazing! Appreciate the extra effort in putting something a bit special in my lemongrass and ginger tea too!