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Blissful Herbs' Soothing Salve

"It's worth its weight in gold, that stuff." - Ryan
This lovely new product is made from gentle, natural ingredients sourced from home-grown, home-run businesses just like Blissful Herbs. Not only are the ingredients healthy for body and planet, but I'm so pleased to be able to support other WAHP and local businesses, through using their quality ingredients in the Soothing Salve.

Now about the Soothing Salve!

First, a picture:

At present, we have a 60 ml stainless steel tin for $20.00
a 60 ml glass jar for $17.00
a 30 ml jar for $9.50
a 15 ml lip-balm sized jar for $5.00

The Soothing Salve is ideal to use to support healing of the perineum after childbirth, perfect for small tears, grazes, “skid marks” etc.
It's a great thing to have in the birthing woman's 'birth kit', along with the Post Natal Bliss healing bath herbs, for a fantastic post natal healing regime.
It is also perfect for using during nappy changes. It makes meconium so easy to wipe away, it moisturises the skin and helps prevent nappy rash.
It can also be used for general family first aid, for minor skin problems like cuts, scrapes, grazes, itchy bites, rashes and mild eczema.
Soothing Salve contains:
* Cold-pressed virgin Olive Oil which has been infused with herbs by the Solar Method – (Lavender, Calendula, Comfrey, Rosemary, Sage & Thyme).

* Organic Coconut Oil – healing, moisturising, naturally anti-septic, excellent for eczema and to support hormone balance.

* Organic Rosehip Oil – contains EFAs (essential fatty acids), necessary for protecting cell membranes as well as vitamin E, beta carotene and the antioxidant lycopene, excellent for soothing, moisturizing and healing the skin.

* Organic Calendula Oil – with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial anti-fungal and antiseptic effects, excellent for skin healing, moisturising and to treat nappy rash and eczema. Rich in anti-oxidants and helps reduce bruising.

* Organic Hempseed Oil – rich in EFAs and GLAs, particularly helpful for skin rashes, eczema etc.

* Organic Beeswax – rich in propolis, another superb healing agent from nature.

* Damasque Rose Absolute which gives the salve a beautiful subtle scent.


Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Any medical condition should be referred to your health care practitioner. Check with your health care practitioner before commencing to use any herbal preparation.
Feedback from testers:

Ahh... Blissful Herbs Soothing Salve, I haven’t even finished my jar and I’m in love. I could smell it the second I opened my latest package from Blissful Herbs, and immediately tried it as a lip balm. Since then it has been a treatment for eczema, nappy rash, mozzie bites, and a 4-year-old’s bruised ego, and has treated all with amazing success!

The texture is lovely, and soaks in quickly, leaving soft skin and a yummy fragrance, that even my super-sensitive husband didn’t turn his nose up at! If a little hard on colder days, it warms up quickly with body heat and doesn’t leave a greasy layer. 

 Eczema is much improved almost immediately as the dry skin is remedied on application, my skin just drinks up the salve, and with consistent, longer term use my skin should heal properly. Mild nappy rashes are visibly improved within a couple of hours and gone within a day, not to mention the gentle herbal fragrance from the salve is a pleasant surprise on opening a worn nappy! I’m loving it as a lip balm too, a thin layer soothes chapped lips quickly, and lasts for ages, and doesn’t transfer to glasses or affect the taste of my food.

Knowing it’s all natural is wonderful with two busy boys under 5, who ‘need’ to have cream on every bumped knee, and while I would previously say no to (chemical) cream unless there was a ‘real’ injury, the Soothing Salve is a lovely option to let them have their bumps treated every time, without worrying about what else is going into their skin.

Feels great, smells great, and works great! Can’t recommend it enough!
- Miranda

Louise said it worked even better than aloe vera for her sunburn.

This photo is from a woman who had chemical burns a couple of years ago and since then had ongoing dermatitis which caused severe pains in her hands. She tried everything from over the counter lotions and creams to steroids with little if any relief.
She used the Soothing Salve for not even a month and these are the results:

This is what she had to say:
"It's all gone except for my left pinky, which has always been the worst. I keep that Soothing Salve in my bag and I take it everywhere. It's amazing! Thank you!"

And thank you for sending in these pics and allowing me to share them.

*** NEW ***
Now we have a couple of variation on the original Soothing Salve:

Sore Muscle Rub - for sore joints and muscles - with herb-infused olive oil (lavender, rosemary, sage & comfrey), arnica oil, capsaicin, hemp oil & beeswax.
Hemp oil contains natural anti-inflammatory effects that make this oil helpful for people with conditions causing them to experience joint pain and stiffness. Hemp oil is also considered to be helpful for dry skin, eczema, skin rashes and dermatitis.


Soothing Salve - for sensitive skin - with herb infused olive oil (calendula & oatstraw), rosehip oil and beeswax - no essential oils. This is ideal for children with very sensitive skin and also for use during breastfeeding for sore or cracked nipples.


Soothing Salve with Turmeric - made with organic Turmeric root. This is wonderful for sore joints, arthritis etc because Turmeric has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is also active against staphylococcus aureas. It's helpful for acne and cold sores. This variation also has the hemp oil in it. And also a touch of Lavender essential oil from  wonderful Lavender farm in Bright - so it smells delightful. So you can choose between just hemp oil - or hemp oil and Turmeric - and decide which works best for skin problems and the sore, achy joints that come with arthritic & rheumatoid conditions. To add to the fun, this salve will turn your skin slightly yellow - temporarily!

You have a choice of PGP plastic lids or aluminium lids.


Anonymous said...

I fell in love with the scent of Soothing Salve the second I opened the jar. It is light, refreshing and invigorating without being overly powerful.

What I love best about this product is that it is incredibly versatile. Lip balm for those summer lips, dry skin and cracked heels, my skin just soaks it up.

Unfortunately it didn't help my elder child's more severe eczema flares, but I found it just as effective on mild eczema as paraffin based creams and just as effective on nappy rash as commercial products, with the advantage of being all natural. I used Soothing Salve successfully on broken skin around my areolae from a biting breastfeeding toddler and the cuts and scrapes that come with being an adventurous three year old where the healing was noticeably quicker than untreated areas.

In hot summer conditions, the consistency of the salve can be a little runny, but what I love is that despite being oil based, it never feels greasy and absorbs in to the skin quite readily leaving behind a beautiful fragrance.

Thanks for another lovely product Julie!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that cream you sent us is absolutely epic for sunburn. Drove to Ballarat and back without sunscreen and ended up with pretty nasty burns to my whole right arm.
My wife put some of the cream on it to help rehydrate the skin and 4days later it's completely gone. Soothed the burning immediately, and I haven't even had any peeling skin. Fantastic stuff.
- Ryan

Amy Phair said...

Another great product from you Julie - we LOVE it in our family :) useful and helpful on bum rashes, dry chapped lips, dry skin, sore spots and minor scrapes. Smells so yummy too and a little bit goes a long way so the jar will last us ages i think! :)Thankyou for yet another amazing product that is natural, safe, smells YUMMY and helps my family <3

Anonymous said...

My daughter was bitten by a paper wasp and within a minute of applying the Soothing Salve, she didnt mention it again! The bite (white lump surrounded by red) reduced in size until there was no lump & all the redness disappeared, leaving only the scratch where the wasps sting left its mark. Happy days!
- Shazz

Anonymous said...

I cut my ankle the other day with a razor and it got bit infected. I used total organic balm called Soothing Salve from Blissful Herbs. Best product ive ever brought can be used on babies as lip balm for all cuts scrapes or just moisturiser. Smells great as well, this is not a bullshit promo lol and I didn't get free stuff, just thought a great product should be shared. Kilie.

Anonymous said...

Well turns out Blissful Herbs soothing salve is a miracle cure for sunburn!! Quickest and most COMPLETE relief I've ever had from any aftersun product... including aloevera! - Louise

Anonymous said...

My youngest daughter recently had a broken wrist and once the cast came off last week you can imagine the condition of her skin - especially where the dressing went between her thumb and finger which was rubbed raw and was very sore. So of course our soothing salve got a heavy workout and a week later her skin is back to normal! - Sheree

Anonymous said...

The Soothing Salve is FAB! ... works on pimples too. - Karen

Anonymous said...

I used your beautiful healing salve on the delicate tissue under my eyes which felt bruised and swollen during a bout of sinusitis post having the 'flu. I found it instantly soothing. I felt much better and the dark discolouration to my skin was almost gone after one night. Such a gift. - Gaye

Michelle said...

We love the soothing salve!

It's been wonderful for my son's eczema, which usually bothers him at night. As soon as he starts scratching I suggest he go put some cream on. It always helps and his itchy legs no longer keep him up at night. My mother has also used it on her chronic hives and it helped the itching calm down immensely. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that our gorgeous package arrived this morning. The smell is to die for!
We put some of the Soothing Salve on a bad patch of my little boys eczema, and the redness almost disappeared instantly. He also said it doesn't hurt him like the other creams and this 'new stuff' makes the itch go away. So a HUGE thank you! I think we're onto a winner here. - Claire

Anonymous said...

Julie's products are so beautiful and made with love. Her customer service is second to none. I love using Blissful Herbs products on myself and my family but I also love to give them to my doula clients; especially the Post Natal Bliss bath herbs and Soothing Salve. - Sophie

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

After a long and busy (but adventurous and fun) day today, we come home tired and a tad sore and it's Soothing Salve to the rescue again!!! Three little girls and one Mummy whose pale faces saw too much sun (even with hats and sunscreen on, we still got burnt!), all salved up and feeling much nicer (Mummy had shoulders and back to add to the mix as well). Two grazed knees, a hurt cheek (run ins with the tanbark and gravel at the playground) salved up as well and everyone is feeling happier and much less sore. This Mummy feels safe in the knowledge I have used something on my family that helps us all get some much needed relief without any nasty chemicals or additives. Amy.

Anonymous said...
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Erin said...

Hi Julie, I got some of your Soothing Salve to use on my perineum post childbirth. I sustained a small second degree tear, and I can honestly say it hardly bothered me, it healed so quickly! Since then, I have also used your salve for nappy rash among other things. Anything I previously used coconut oil for, I now use Soothing Salve. I particularly want to mention my daughter's eczema. It always flares up in summer on her elbows and knees, but I have been putting Soothing Salve on it at the first sign of redness, and it has been kept at bay. A little goes a long way too - we have been using it for nearly a year now, and are getting close to ordering our second pot. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Eirinn said...

I have been using the Soothing Salve for about a year now and I love it. I first bought it when I was pregnant, to use on my perineum after the birth. I sustained a small second degree tear, and I can honestly say it has given me no trouble at all, it healed very quickly.
Since then, I use it everywhere I once used plain coconut oil. I have found it particularly good for nappy rash, and my daughter's eczema. Her skin flares up in summer, but this year I have used Soothing Salve at the first hint of redness, and it immediately disappears.

Anonymous said...

I used your Soothing Salve on my toddler yesterday when he stood on a bee and got stung on his foot. Your salve and literally stopped the symptoms in their tracks! He was laughing and smiling within a few minutes! Your salve is AMAZING. - Louisa

Anonymous said...

Julie I thought you might appreciate this: I went looking for my 3yo little guy who was being unusually quiet this morning...I found him sitting on the floor slathering your Soothing Salve all over his legs, arms and face. I asked him what he was doing and he told me 'Don't worry Mumma I got some cream and I'm feeling all better now.' - Pria

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie Bell your herbs where awesome and I love the Soothing Salve, I've used it on my chewed nipples and it healed it so quickly!! Jasmine Xx

Hannah Plummer said...

I cannot recommend Julie's products more highly. I used her teas throughout pregnancy and beyond and have now discovered her soothing salves which have endless uses. Her Mastitis Salve has saved me from antibiotics on numerous occasions thank goodness and her Soothing Salve cleared my 6 month old son's mild eczema in a day or so. It will be my go to gift for friends from now on. Thank you Julie.

Anonymous said...

The Soothing Salve is fantastic! It feels and smells wonderful. I've used it on haemorrhoids, as a bottom carrier cream on my baby and for dry skin. A little bit goes a long way. It doesn't feel greasy at all. I love that it's made from 1000% natural ingredients. I prefer it to (another brand) Bottom Balm which I used when my boys were babies, as the Soothing Salve seems to soak into the skin better, it goes on more smoothly and in particular, it reduces rashes and redness more readily. I love all your products and recommend them to all my pregnant friends and mama. From Louise.

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff, my LG is 19 months and never had a nappy rash thanks to the Soothing Salve. It was also great when she had Hand, Foot and Mouth recently. From Catherine.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I had a bad anal prolapse after the birth of my first baby. I get haemorroids everytime I go to the toilet. I saw your Soothing Salve can be used on haemorroids. I have been applying it to one I got 2 days ago and after 4th application, it has fully shrunk and gone and is no longer painful. Thank you! From Bek.

Anonymous said...

I love your salve and use it on my son's bottom. It's amazing and the only product that keeps his rash at bay. Chrystal.

Anonymous said...

My daughter gave me some of this Salve a couple of years ago. I have now finished it after using it for various ailments.

I loved the quick healing it gave me.


Anonymous said...

Saved our little boy's skin! Our bub is such a drooler, since 9 weeks and is now 5 months old. He is also awfully chubby which means drool rash galore! We tried everything as it got very angry looking. Nothing touched it - sudocream, curash power, calamine, coconut oil, anti-fungal cream - nothing. We tried some Soothing Salve on it as we were gifted some by our birth photographer, and after one application it was a hundred times better! And with only a few more applications it cleared up completely, after having lingered around for weeks and weeks. We were at the point of thinking we should take him to the GP it was so nasty. Thank you Blissful Herbs! Caitlin

Anonymous said...

Blissful Herbs have been a lifesaver after both my births.
Julie is a delight to deal with. We especially love the Soothing Salve which we use daily. Jessica

Anonymous said...

I've been using it as a facial moisturiser for this very dry winter and it is the first year I've had NO eczema symptoms. Thank you so much! Megan.

Anonymous said...

I got my package today. Thought I'd test it out straight away and it's taken the itch out of this awful rash already!!!! And smells amazing! Thank you so much It's the only bit of comfort I've had in ages, my skin gives me so much trouble. Thanks so much for your help. Last night when I sat on the couch after the shower and salve I felt so relaxed, comfortable and peaceful. It's honestly the first time in so long. Kari