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Welcome to 'Melbourne Doula', the place where I share what birth work is teaching is me, and what I am learning from the wonderful families who have invited me to share this most special season of their lives. Here you will find information about me and the doula services I provide, birth stories from remarkable women and their loved ones, as well as all kinds of resources to enrich your own journey of discovery. And welcome also to BLISSFUL HERBS, the home of beautiful herbal teas and bath herbs to support wellness through every season of life.

Sassy Soap

Blissful Herbs has the great pleasure of supporting some outstanding family-based home businesses or authentic local small businesses, that operate ethically with regards to social justice and care for the environment.

Sassy Soap, based in our home of Warburton, is one of these wonderful companies.

Sassy Soap have now closed their little shop on the main street of Warburton, but they still have a stand at Warburton Handmade (go up the colourful steps by the water wheel). And of course, through Blissful Herbs is another way that you can purchase these perfect soaps, no matter how far away you live.

Sassy Soap is made from all natural products like olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils - and NO palm oil!

Since I love Sassy Soap so much, I thought my Blissful Herbs customers would enjoy Sassy Soap, too.

Each bar weighs about 100g and costs $6.00

At the moment we have these amazing kinds to choose from:

Rainbow - with essential oils of rose geranium, lavender, palmerosa and patchouli

Lavender - with essential oils of lavender and patchouli
Pipe Dreams - with patchouli, bergamot, rose geranium & orange essential oils
Chai Latte - with essential oils of grapefruit, orange, cinnamon, patchouli and lemongrass, ground cloves and chai tea

Cottage Garden - with essential oils of rosemary, lavender and patchouli

'Pipe Dreams'
'Chai Latte'
'Cottage Garden'

To order, please drop me an email at and let me know your postal address. Postage is $8.00 up to 500g gross, Australia -wide, so that means you can buy 4 bars for $8.00 of postage before it goes up. It isn't much more if you're within Victoria, but if you're interstate or remote, the postage does get exxy above 500g.


Renee Benner said...

This soap is the bomb- one try and I'm totally in love! There is no going back for me! My skin felt so soft and smooth, and it smells wonderful. I was given a sample, and the very next day I make an order for 4 large cakes. No nasty ingredients - they are a delight.
Whoever came up with these soaps is genius :) I can't speak highly enough of these soaps!

Emma McDonnell said...

This soap is absolutely beautiful!!
I was having a lot of trouble with other soap drying my skin out and I had to moisturizer all the time and it still didn't stop it.
Used Julie's soap for a couple of weeks now and my dry skin is gone!!! So happy! Goodbye crappy soap hello beautiful soap!
Highly recommend it!