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'Cold & Flu Blitz' herbal tea

As the temperature falls and we head into winter, this tea is something special to have on the pantry shelf to help the people in your household if any coughs or colds come knocking.

The 'Cold & Flu Blitz' tea is a delicious blend of some of Nature's best healers to help relieve the symptoms of the common cold and influenza. Just opening the packet and sniffing the aromatic scent seems to give a sore throat and headache their marching orders.

With a dab of honey and perhaps a twist of lemon or lime - or simply as is - this is a delicious, warming tea to soothe sore throats, reduce inflammation, combat infection, boost the immune system, reduce fever, relieve nasal & sinus congestion, loosen phlegm and ease coughing.

As with all herbal teas, avoid metal implements, to get the full benefit of the potency of these wonderfully therapeutic herbs. Place a tablespoon of the loose herbs in a ceramic or glass pot or jug. Pour on hot water. Allow to steep for a good 10 minutes. Strain into your chosen cup (see our bamboo strainers here), add honey and citrus if desired - then put your feet up and enjoy the relief. For best results, drink an average 3 cups per day.

You can leave the herbs steeping all day - just strain the concentrated tea, top up with hot water and mmmm.

Herbal teas like this one are for the relief of symptoms, so try taking this one on an empty stomach for best results.

Once the acute symptoms have subsided, and you are taking the tea to nourish and build up your immune system, the tea is best enjoyed with meals.

75g Cold & Flu Blitz tea, $13.00
The 'Cold & Flu Blitz' tea contains:

Echinacea -  a potent natural anti-biotic and anti-viral herb which stimulates and strengthens the immune system. Also has anti-pyretic properties.

Elderflowers - an excellent  natural remedy for all upper respiratory tract infections. Elderflower has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, diuretic and anti-oxidant effects. Useful for treating influenza, sinusitis, hayfever and loosening accumulated mucuous in the lungs and nasal passages.

Fennel - helps loosen accumulated phlegm. The  aromatic oils in Fennel demonstrate anti-septic properties and are useful in treating various infections, especially infections of the respiratory tract.

Hibiscus Rosella - rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, Hibiscus stimlates the liver to produce interferon, an immune compound that is part of the body's immune defense system to combat infection.

Lemon Verbena - reduces nasal and bronchial congestion, has anti-pyretic properties.

Limeblossom - a well-known remedy for coughs and colds; contains mucilage components which are soothe and reduce inflammation. Particularly effective when taken with Elderflowers.

Oregano - a potent anti-septic and anti-bacterial herb, useful for coughs, tonsillitis, bronchitis and asthma.

Rosehip - rich in Vitamins A, B group, C and K; also rich in anti-oxidants and an excellent remedy for colds, influenza, coughs and minor infections. It has mild diuretic properties and also contains tannins which make it useful for reducing diarrhoea.

White Willow - relieves pain and fever, anti-inflammatory, like a "natural aspirin". Although the side effects are far less than those associated with synthetic aspirin, people allergic to synthetic aspirin should avoid using this particular herb. White Willow is not recommended for children, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or for those allergic to aspirin, so if you are wanting to use the Cold & Flu Blitz for the whole family, we'll leave out this ingredient.

Pregnancy-friendly, breastfeeding-friendly and kid-friendly blends of the Cold & Flu Blitz tea are available.

Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Any medical condition should be referred to your health care practitioner. Check with your health care practitioner before commencing to use any herbal preparation.

25g = $5.00
50g = $8.50
60g = $10.00
100g = $16.00
150g = $23.50
200g = $30.00

Plus postage which is $8.00 for packages up to 500g, Australia-wide

To Order:
Please email me at with your postal address.

For implements ideal for preparing herbal teas to gain the maximum potency of the therapeutic properties, see our range of herb-friendly accessories here.

We also have the Herbal Honey which is a beautiful herb-infused honey mel using Active Manuka Honey with thyme, oregano, sage, lavender & rose. The Herbal Honey is excellent to have by the spoonful to soothe a sore throat, or added to a cup of tea, and may also be used topically for post-natal healing of the perineum. A 60 ml jar is $10.00 and a 100 ml jar is $15.00

Here is the testimonial of a family who had great results with the Cold & Flu Blitz herbal tea! After weeks of everyone being sick and miserable on a merry-go-round of winter colds, the Cold & Flu Blitz brought remarkable and rapid improvement, much to this mother's relief.

For over a month this house was infested with colds and flu. Snotty noses, coughs, conjunctivitis, sore throats - you name it, we had it. As soon as one person started feeling better, everyone else would be sick and drag them back down with them. We had antibiotics, fruit coming out our ears, fluids, hand sanitiser, soap at every tap, boxes and boxes of tissues on every surface considered flat enough - it was HORRIBLE. (I bought) a packet of Cold & Flu Blitz Tea (from Blissful Herbs) ...When it arrived, I could smell it while it was still inside the letterbox!We opened it as we were heading out and the car was FILLED with the most delightful aroma!! I couldn't WAIT until we got it home! As soon as we got in our front door, I had the kettle boiling and the mugs set up. Just waiting for the kettle to boil - leaving the package open, the kitchen smelt so clean and fresh! By day three, the continuous fluro green discharge from the kids noses had completely dried up! The racking coughs were gone and their energy level had (picked up).I simply couldn't believe it! It was that quick.Since then, I have noticed that if they miss their daily Cold & Flu Blitz tea, they will get snuffly and a random cough will crop up here and there. So we have kept up with the teas. And we haven't been sick since!

25g Cold & Flu Blitz tea, child-friendly blend, $5.00


Anonymous said...

Got my cold and flu blitz tea today. Tastes so good and very soothing. Thank you for sending it out so quickly.
- Rachael

Anonymous said...

One cup of Cold and Flu Blitz tea and my sore, scratchy throat feels so much better!
- Sam

Anonymous said...

Julie your Cold and Flu Blitz tea is a life saver! The last two times I have had a killer sore throat and felt a cold coming on I have had some tea - and it is gone within a few hours :)
- Sarah

Anonymous said...

I have the worst immune system ever (i just need to walk past someone with a cold and i'll get it). My house mate had a cold so we both drank the Cold and Flu Blitz tea. She was better in 4 days and I didn't get sick at all! You are a miracle worker :) thank you! - Emily

Anonymous said...

Thank you for working magic! I can't wait to use the other two teas and let them work their magic too. I'm well impressed, nothing has ever stopped me from getting sick before, your products are amazing. - Emily again.

Anonymous said...

I gave some of your Cold & Flu Blitz tea to a friend who has been feeling poorly for the past two weeks. Her son sent me this message:"Mum says thanks for the tea, it's pepping her up already."
Thank you for sending the tea to me when I needed it. I'm happy that I've been able to share the love and the health. - Gaye

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say thank you for the Cold & Flu tea. It is working a treat at the moment as I have a bad cold with swollen glands. Thanks. - Helen

Anonymous said...

The Cold and Flu Blitz arrived today! So quickly and perfect timing. My little guy has come down with the lurgy I had. He was miserable with fever and feeling yuck, had half a cup of the tea, said he felt better (he definitely felt like his fever was lowering) and he went to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I really like this tea, plan on being well stocked up every winter! Drinking it last winter meant neither my toddle nor I got past a one off two day sniffle and my husband who usually gets flu like symptoms at least twice every winter was barely sick at all. It is delicious, toddlers like it, and fussy panadol gobbling husbands will even stoop to drinking it as it really does taste that good, and it works!

Anonymous said...

Julie I'm not sure what kind of magic you weave into your teas but the cold and flu blitz needs to be called miracle in a cup! I have spent the day feeling rotten and achy. One cup later and I feel much better. I think my house is sick of being told just to have a cup of tea. Thank you my poor head and body is truly impressed. From Temeaka