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Welcome to 'Melbourne Doula', the place where I share what birth work is teaching is me, and what I am learning from the wonderful families who have invited me to share this most special season of their lives. Here you will find information about me and the doula services I provide, birth stories from remarkable women and their loved ones, as well as all kinds of resources to enrich your own journey of discovery. And welcome also to BLISSFUL HERBS, the home of beautiful herbal teas and bath herbs to support wellness through every season of life.

Headache-ease tea

This delicious, soothing tea contains herbs known to relieve the symptoms of tension headaches and migraines. It also contains herbs known to promote relaxation and alleviate stress.

You can add lemon and honey for taste if you wish – the best is Active Manuka Honey which is a natural anti-biotic. You can enjoy your tea hot, warm or cold, and drink it freely throughout the day.

We also have a pregnancy-friendly and breast-feeding friendly blend of the Headache-ease tea available.

The tea contains:

Basil – a restorative, gently sedative herb which combats migraine

Caraway – an aromatic herb which combats mental strain and migraine

Chamomile – a calming herb, gently sedative, that soothes mental tension and migraine

Fennel – a calming herb that also reduces pain and fever

Feverfew – Clinical trials show that this herb is an effective treatment for migraines, including migraines associated with menstruation and general headaches. Feverfew helps with intractable headaches, bringing blood to the brain.

"The benefits of taking the feverfew herb was studied during clinical trials, where at least 70 per cent of the patients suffering from intractable migraines spoke of improvements when they took doses of the Feverfew herb, at the same time 33 per cent of them reported the cessation of further attacks following the treatment."

Ginger – a warming herb which stimulates the mind and eases the pain and nausea associated with migraine

Lavender – nature’s pain reliever, a soothing herb which eases irritability, anxiety, exhaustion, tension headaches and migraine

Lemon Balm - a calming herb useful for tension headaches and migraine

Linden – a wonderfully relaxing herb useful for the treatment of headaches

Meadowsweet – a soothing healing herb which combats pain, fever and headaches

Peppermint – a cooling herb which eases anxiety, is a great analgesic and is a wonderful remedy for tension headaches

Rosemary – soothes the nerves and relieves headaches, tension and mental fatigue

St. John’s Wort – nourishes the entire nervous system. Clinical trials show that this herb is helpful for tension and migraines.

Valerian – a calming, sedative herb helpful for migraines

Vervain - alleviates tension associated with stress – headaches & migraines

For more information on the use of common herbs, go to:

Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Any medical condition should be referred to your health care practitioner. Check with your health care practitioner before commencing to use any herbal preparation.

To order: email Julie at

Sample pack: 15g = $3.50 (in 4 drawstring teabags)
25g = 5.00
50g = $8.50
100g = $16.00

Herbal teas work best when non-metallic implements are used, to preserve the therapeutic properties. See our range here


Anonymous said...

Every week when I go into the city I get a migraine. The next day I'm cactus and not able to function. This time, as soon as I felt the migraine start, I made a cup of Migraine Blitz tea. The migraine went away. And the next day - I could get out of bed! I could function! I could even add and subtract! - Sharon

Anonymous said...

This totally cures my migraines, I'd tried everything else with no success but this does it. You've change my life! - Amanda

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that the Headache-ease tea I purchased from you about a month ago has worked wonders for me and I am no longer having the horrible headaches I was having. It also helps me relax, calm and wind down and I drink it all the time. It has a beautiful soothing effect on me and I have been recommending you and your lovely teas to all my friends and family!! So thank you very, very much :) - Kitty.

Unknown said...

I would rely on pain killer medicines when I had migraine, but after I started drinking the headache ease tea, it has relieved me so much that I don't take pain killers anymore. This tea has really helped me in ways I cannot explain I would highly recommend to those who have migraines to please try this tea. Thank you so much aunty, much love.

sally said...

After drinking the headache-ease tea, my migraine has really gone down. It always is a relief to drink this tea. i would highly recommend anyone who has migraine to drink this tea. It definitely is worth it. Thank you so much for making such wonderful remedy, I no longer have to rely on medicines for the pain. xoxo