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Welcome to 'Melbourne Doula', the place where I share what birth work is teaching is me, and what I am learning from the wonderful families who have invited me to share this most special season of their lives. Here you will find information about me and the doula services I provide, birth stories from remarkable women and their loved ones, as well as all kinds of resources to enrich your own journey of discovery. And welcome also to BLISSFUL HERBS, the home of beautiful herbal teas and bath herbs to support wellness through every season of life.

Mood / Energy Lift Tea

This is a delicious, nourishing tea that is just the thing to combat the occasional 'blahs' nearly everyone gets. Parenting is one of life's great gifts but we all know sometimes it's hard slog. A touch of sleep deprivation and the myriad responsibilities most of us juggle can often leave us in need of a natural 'pick me up' to boost energy and lift the mood. This tea has been very popular, offering a calming break in a busy day and an opportunity for some self-nurture.

(Note - this tea is not a replacement for proper social support, counselling and appropriate medication for mental health conditions. It is not a cure for clinical depression, Post Natal Stress or Depression, or anxiety disorders. If your feelings of distress persist, please reach out and get real help for yourself. So many mamas struggle at times in this hard but wonderful job of being a mum, I know I do, and lots of the time we need the support of a 'village' - and not to just struggle on alone.)

Your Mood / Energy Lift tea contains:

Alfalfa - a richly nutritious herb which boosts energy levels & lifts the spirits

Chamomile - calms and comforts, supports restful sleep

Dandelion - rich in Vitamin E, which helps build you up when energy reserves are depleted

Lemon Balm - calms the nerves, eases sleeplessness

Nettle - a richly nutritious herb, loaded with B Vitamins which build energy without over-stimulating the nervous system. Strengthens the adrenals and boosts your ability to tolerate stress.

Passionflower - helps restlessness, irritability and difficulty sleeping

Red Clover - rich in B Vitamins which build energy reserves

Valerian - helpful for easing restlessness & worry and supporting restful sleep

The Mood / Energy Lift tea is available in a Breastfeeding-friendly blend. It is not suitable for use during pregnancy.


Disclaimer: This information is of a general informational nature and does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Any health condition should be referred to your chosen health care practitioner. Check with your health care practitioner before commencing to use any herbal tea, and be aware of any personal and family allergies.

Melanie Rees is a talented artist who produces stunningly beautiful work. Check out her page on Facebook: Daisy Mabel - I am sure you will love her art as much as I do. One day I was thrilled to find that Melanie was drinking Mood Lift tea *while* she was painting - *shamelessly basks in reflected glory* LOL!

From Melanie:
"Julie's Blissful Herbs have been such a blessing to me over the years. During pregnancy I used them to ease my aching muscles, following birthing I used them to help prevent blood loss and later to help heal painful nipple thrush and mastitis and to balance my hormones. Now I take Julie's Mood Lift tea daily to calm anxiety, lift my mood and to relax my mind in preparation for creating art. They give me a lovely mix of calm while enhancing motivation-perfect for 'getting in the zone' before creating my art."

And here is the beautiful piece she was working on:

Meditation with Lotus, $295.00


treebytheriver said...

I've been having a cup or two a day and it is delicious. I am feeling a lot calmer when I drink it. Since starting to use it, I've been sleeping better and having nice dreams for the first time in months. Due to broken sleep I rarely REM sleep and when I do I have weird dreams, but since starting this I've been dreaming nice things.
- feedback from Emma

treebytheriver said...

My gorgeous tea arrived today! I could smell it as soon as I opened the letterbox - through the packaging and all. It smells just heavenly. It tastes divine. Really fragrant and lovely. I've been drinking a pot of tea for 3 days now and I can definitely say it's making me feel much calmer. I feel more centred, focused and clear headed. It makes me a bit sleepy though which is not hard to do, so I've been drinking it as my bedtime tea and can still feel the effects during the day. I love the lavender in it, that's probably my favourite flavour in the tea.
- feedback from Nadia

treebytheriver said...

The tea was working amazingly for me - really lifted my mood. I kind of lapsed in the tea drinking department for a while though and OMG I felt a huge difference!!! My mood was shocking. All my anxiety, tension etc came back. It amazed me the difference the tea had been making. So I started drinking it again and am feeling much more balanced.
I'm not experiencing any unwanted side effects from my tea.
- feedback from Bek

Sarah said...

I am so happy with my Energy/Mood Lift and Sleepytime tea, I suffer depression and anxiety (only mild now thank goodness) and the teas really do calm me down and help with my mood, I actually can't believe the effects they have had on me! Absolute magic! :)

Sarah said...

I am so happy with my Energy/Mood Lift and Sleepytime tea, I suffer depression and anxiety (only mild now thank goodness) and the teas really do calm me down and help with my mood, I actually can't believe the effects they have had on me! Absolute magic! :)

Anonymous said...

Julie is a wizard. She really is. I just sunk into a nice big hot cup of Stress Less tea at work and I think I'm in love (and less stressed) i walked past a colleague who said whats that it smells delicious and it was delicious ! My Babymoon bliss tea was equally amazing! Would buy again (and again!) from Kimberley