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Welcome to 'Melbourne Doula', the place where I share what birth work is teaching is me, and what I am learning from the wonderful families who have invited me to share this most special season of their lives. Here you will find information about me and the doula services I provide, birth stories from remarkable women and their loved ones, as well as all kinds of resources to enrich your own journey of discovery. And welcome also to BLISSFUL HERBS, the home of beautiful herbal teas and bath herbs to support wellness through every season of life.


The most popular of the Blissful Herbs range.

This special blend of healing herbs is awesome for healing the perineum or caesarean scar after childbirth.

Your Post Natal Bliss herbs:
* reduce swelling & discomfort
* prevent infection
* provide pain relief for healing tissues and help muscles relax
* speed the healing of caesarean & vaginal sutures, and vaginal tears, grazes & 'skidmarks'
* relieve perineal bruising and soreness
* shrink and heal haemorrhoids.

* The Post Natal Bliss herbs come with a draw-string muslin bag which works like a big tea bag.
To enjoy a relaxing herbal soak, simply place the herbs in your muslin sachet and add to a warm bath. Soothing for the healing tissues - and the natural fragrances smell heavenly. Pure bliss for the post-natal mama and the ideal gift for any new mother. These herbs are safe for you to take your little newborn into the bath with you for some lovely skin-to-skin cuddles and boobing - just make sure someone is there to help both of you out safely, and make sure you stay well hydrated and the bath is not *too* hot.

* You can also use the herbs to make some healing herbal liquid for your Perineal Irrigation Bottle. Place the herbal sachet in a non-metallic glass or bowl. Pour on hot water and allow to steep for about 10 minutes. Then pour the warm herbal liquid into your bottle. The bottle has a specially designed lid that provides a gentle stream to cleanse the perineum, this is easiest to do while seated on the toilet. The combination of the herbal baths plus using the peri-cleanse bottle between times greatly speeds post-natal healing.

150g Post Natal Bliss peri-care package with peri bottle and muslin bag.

I used these herbs after my own births, and used the peri-bottle to cleanse while toileting, filled with warm herbal liquid. The pain and swelling diminished in no time and everything healed so well. The post-birth herb bath with my baby became one of my favourite childbirth rituals. I also used active Manuka honey, renowned for its amazing healing properties, directly on the perineum. (I put a thick layer of honey on a pad, placed it gently against the perineum, and wore that for about half an hour before stepping into my herb bath.) I found that mid to late afternoon tended to be an 'achy' time when my healing perineum would need some TLC, so I timed the Manuka honey and herbal bath treatment for around that time.

The vernix on your newborn is something pretty special and the beautiful newborn fragrance is more that just a heavenly smell - it helps promote the peak flow of hormones for safe third stage, bonding and breastfeeding. So don't be in a rush to bathe your newborn or wash away the smell of birth from yourself or your baby. That smell is heaven's elixir to your babe! Enjoy and soak it up. The herbal bath is there waiting for you, when you are ready.


50g Post Natal Bliss sachet, which is 50g of the herbs, in a muslin draw-string bag, in a ziploc bag.
This is ideal for one full-sized herbal bath.

Here are some other delightful products to go with your Post Natal Bliss herbs:

* Pretty Petals - to scatter on top of the herb-scented bath water. These are a perfect touch of luxury and colour, and ideal for the newborn photo shoot when you bathe with your newborn.

* 30 ml Soothing Salve - this gentle, all-natural salve is wonderful on the healing peri and also great for nappy changes and general TLC for skin.

30 ml Soothing Salve in jar - available with plastic or aluminium lid

60 ml Soothing Salve in stainless steel tin

More wonderful package deals for the expectant mother here

Your Post Natal Bliss herbs come packaged loose in an eco-friendly brown paper tin-tie Detpak packet which is heat-sealed. This comes with a re-usable 100% organic, unbleached, drawstring muslin bag. The advantage of this is that you can decide yourself how much of the loose herbs you'd like to use in each bath and place the desired amount in the muslin bag yourself. Your kit also includes a soft-side plastic perineal cleansing bottle which has a special lid to provide a gentle cleansing flow. Your leaflet with complete instructions is printed on 100% post consumer, recycled brown paper.

I advise using the Post Natal herbs during the first week post-partum because that is when you'll most notice the therapeutic benefit. So it is good to have them ready at hand before the baby is born. They make a wonderful Mother Blessing or Baby Shower gift!

Contents of your Post Natal Bliss bath herbs:

* Lavender - antispetic, analgesic and anti-bacterial properties

* Sage - astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

* Rosemary - astringent, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

* Calendula - anti-septic, soothing wound inflammation, general wound healing

* Witch Hazel - an astringent, curbs bleeding and reduces inflammation

* Yarrow - astringent and anti-bacterial properties; the anti-spasmodic effects reduce inflammation. A superior remedy for wounds and cuts.

* Lady's Mantle - astringent, and helps protect healing elastin fibres

* Chamomile - analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties

* Shepherd's Purse - astringent, anti-septic and useful to reduce bleeding and bruising

Himalayan Pink Salt - helpful in soothing, cleansing and healing of wounds.

For more information on the use of common herbs, go to:
Ageless Herbal Encyclopaedia

Disclaimer: This information is of a general informational nature and does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Any health condition should be referred to your chosen health care practitioner. Check with your health care practitioner before commencing to use any herbal tea, and be aware of any personal and family allergies.

How To Use
Fill your muslin bag with the desired amount of herbs and place in a glass jug or bowl of hot water (not boiling) and leave it to steep for about 10 minutes. Then you can use the herbal liquid to fill your peri-bottle for cleasing the perineum. You could also soak a few soft cloths in the liquid, pop them into a zip-loc bag, and put them in the freezer, if you like cold compresses. Some people regard warmth to be better for healing tissues, while others like cold compresses, particularly if there is swelling. The cold compresses work very well to shrink haemorrhoids right down. The remainder of the liquid and the sachet itself can then go into a warm bath.

Or, you can just place the muslin sachet straight in your bath. If desired, add extra sea salt, or a drop or two of tea tree oil to the bath water. The result is a lovely smelling, soothing, relaxing bath, a well-deserved treat for the new mother. If you wish, your baby can join you in the bath for some extra skin-to-skin connection, as long as someone is there to help you both get out safely.

Mother & babe relax in herbal bliss together

You can also use your herbs in a sitz bath - which is simply a large bowl that you can sit in. The herbs will be more potent due to less dilution.

The Post Natal Bliss healing bath herbs make a wonderful gift for a new mother along with the Babymoon Bliss herbal tea, the Breastfeeding Bliss herbal tea and the Soothing Salve.

These plastic, soft-side bottles are ideal for cleansing the perineum during toileting during those 'stingy' post-natal days. You can fill them with luke-warm water and if you wish, add a drop of tea-tree oil or a pinch of sea salt.

You can also steep the herbs, then add the herbal water to the peri bottle, and put the rest of the herbal water in your bath, along with the herbal baggie.

Perineal Irrigation Bottles 


Blissful Herbs extends a 10% Birthworker Discount to Midwives and Doulas wanting to obtain these products for their clients.

We also have the Birth Worker Bulk Pack: 6 x 25g packets of the Post Natal or Babymoon Bliss herbs, individually packaged for your clients, with instructions and muslin bag, for $30.00

*NEW* - we now have the Post Natal Bliss herbs in handy little mini paper sachets - just like large tea bags. Each sachet contains 15g of herbs - perfect for a single bath.


"Julie made us the most amazing herbal baths after I birthed my baby, I partially credit these to our blissful babymoon and speedy healing."
- Laura

"Just beautiful!!! I loved my post-natal herbal bath sachets, they were wonderfully relaxing and healing and I felt very special to be able to soak up all of the love and care that went into their creation. I highly recommend them."
- Sonia

Article: Healing Rituals for Postnatal Bliss

Film: The natural birth centre birth of Daisy Emmeline

This is a beautiful film made by the talented Georgia from Documenting Delight. The parents prepare their older children so lovingly for their sister's birth, and they are included and involved every step of the way. They even enjoy the Post Natal Bliss herbal bath at the end, along with their mama and new baby sister.

Film: The Birth of Bronson

Here is another beautiful video, from Nurtured By Jen Photography, of a mother giving birth to her first baby at home, featuring the Post Natal Bliss herbal bath. You can see how calm and relaxed the baby is, first after being born gently in water, and later enjoying skin-to-skin cuddles with his mum in the herbal bath.


Ish said...

I looked forward to relaxing in a bath at the end of each day with my newly born daughter and Julie’s soothing herbal baths. I have no doubt in my mind that using them helped my perineum heal much faster than after my previous 2 births as well as helping to soothe my daughters delicate skin, we continued to use them for weeks following her birth and I would recommend them highly as the perfect addition to any birthing woman’s toolbox.

Sarah said...

I used the herbal bath sachets after both of my births. I used the herbal sachets both in a hot, relaxing bath, and in a squeezy bottle for that very delicate area during the first few days after the birth. The herbal sachets were particularly helpful after my second birth on a very painful graze. I recommend Julie's herbal sachets to any woman before and after birth!

Melissa said...

The herbal bath sachets were a life saver on my third degree tear. I enjoyed many soothing herbal baths to soak my bot as it healed in the first few weeks after the birth. I highly recommend Julie's herbal bath sachets.

Anthea said...

The herbal bath sachet Julie gave me after my labour were wonderful. It was exactly what I needed to help relax and sooth my body at the end of each day. I’m sure they played a big part in my recovery. I would recommend the bath sachets to all m friends it was a lovely treat.

Anonymous said...

The herbal solution in the bottle was a great tool to help heal my small perineum tear that wasn't stitched, and combined with Forever Living aloe vera gelly worked so well that before I left hospital on the 5th day following the birth, the nurse told me that the wound had already knit together! I have had no pain or problems since, this being my 8th week following Joshua's birth! It was lovely to be able to rinse with the bottle knowing it was helping the healing move along faster. I highly recommend both the bottle and the herbal bath sachets which gave a luxuriously delightful experience on arriving home.

Anonymous said...

I birthed my beautiful baby at home on Sunday and just wanted to say that your post-natal herbs are brilliant!! He's my 3rd child and any sting I had was gone within a day...I'm used to it hanging around for at least a week! They really are blissful:) - Brooke

Anonymous said...

I give these sachets to all women who I know who birth. I wishing that I knew about them when I had my last babe. I would have loved that ritual of bathing with her in the days after she was born. Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh the Post Natal Bliss herbs you gave me were SOOOO good! Actually one of my favourite parts of the post-partum period! I wish I could bath in them every day haha! They would make the most perfect birth gift. - Talia

Nicki said...

The post-natal peri-care kit was beautiful! I had a few stitches and this really helped with the healing and soreness. I used it for about 8 weeks! So thank you Julie and blissful herbs!!

treebytheriver said...

Justine wrote: Got a lovely text from a client/friend who had her baby last week that involved complex tearing/stitches. I had given her some of your beautiful Post Natal herbs which she is now a total fan. Being a birth worker also, she has told me everyone she meets will now be getting a package!

Anonymous said...

2 Years ago I was given 2 packs of the Post Natal Bliss bath mix. When my baby was 1 day old, we hopped back into the bath she was born in and relaxed, rested and enjoyed the best bath of my life!
Moving on since then, I now give all my clients and pregnant friends Blissful Herbs. It's the one thing I think every new mother needs.
- Shuberrie

Anonymous said...

When my midwife examined me right after giving birth she thought I had a 2nd degree tear and would require stitches, but I really did not want to go to hospital to have that done.

Thank goodness my doula Julie Bell also specialises in herbs and teas for birthing mothers and has a remedy for every stage including post natal recovery. Before she left at 2 am she'd already cut up an old bed sheet into neat folded cloth compresses and soaked them in the Post Natal Bliss herbal liquid for me. It was so soothing to have these compresses on my sore peri. Just after birth - having them warm gave me so much relief. The smell of the herbs was really therapeutic for me especially since I've been someone who's never liked the smell of menstrual blood so dealing with the lochia flow was much more pleasant than it would have been had I not had the herbs. Julie also left me with a squeeze bottle for my peri which she filled with the Post Natal Bliss herbal liquid - and using that on the toilet also was perfect.

When my midwife checked me the following morning after birth she was amazed and the improvement already! She told me if I was willing to do the work necessary with the Post Natal Bliss herbs that Julie left me and look after my tear then she was happy for me to allow the tear to heal naturally. No sutures needed after all! My treatment regime was a combination of using the Post Natal Bliss herbs made into a tea- like liquid that went into my squeeze bottle - using it each time I went to the toilet, putting cloths into the same liquid and making cold compresses out of it. They went into glad bags into the freezer. I would defrost them slightly and use them as a cold compress on top of my maternity pad. I also used active manuka honey on my peri - as a night time routine. After a week or so, I started to use Blissful Herbs Soothing Salve on my peri which smelled divine! The beeswax and Damasque Rose give it that heavenly fragrance. It just made taking care of my tear something to look forward to and a pleasant ritual.

The best part about the herbs is that you know it's made by someone who has so much knowledge and wisdom about childbirth and birthing mums and the circle of life, that you know so much love and care has gone into making each bag of herbs, each jar of Soothing Salve, the teas that I had - I had my Babymoon Bliss tea also for recovery - it was soo soothing and something I looked forward to with a twist of lemon and manuka honey.

I healed completely naturally without the need for stitches and have Julie and Blissful Herbs to thank.

- Nadhira

Roxane Student Midwife said...

I am a student midwife, who supports many women through their pregnancies and births. As a thank you to them, I always give a post-natal bliss bath sachet. The feedback I receive is always overwhelmingly positive. Whether it is simply a perfect excuse for them to have some quiet time relaxing in the bath, to the physical and mental healing properties of the delicious blend of herbs and fragrances.
Thanks so much Julie, I'll be re-ordering very soon!

Amy Phair said...

This stuff is INCREDIBLE. Seriously the BEST. Honestly... EVERY mumma needs this stuff after birth! I used this after the birth of my third baby girl and i can't believe i didn't know about it with my first two and man do i wish i had! HEaling was so so fast, the herbal bath feels amaaaazing, you can *feel* it soothing and healing as you soak and relax, it smells *divine* and my baby loved bathing with me in the amazing smelling warm herbal water. I had a teensy bit left over and the smell of it (it sits in our bathroom and makes the whole room smell good) reminds me of her beautiful birth, and soaking with her and taking in all her fresh newborn presicousness while doing something incredibly relaxing and special just for me - soaking in a beautiful bath my husband ran for me with these amazing herbs in it. THANKYOU. I am sure my comfort and healing can be attributed to this amazing herbal mix. I reccomend this to every mumma i know and will be giving it as gifts if any of my friends get pregnant... A side note- the nursery, where all my home birth and after birth supplies were kept till bubba arrived, always smelled so yummy, every time you walked in there you ere greeted by a flood of beautiful herb smell from the bath herbs bag sitting stored in there. It was nice to walk in there to that lovely smell and sit folding and sorting baby clothes in a lovely smelling room thinking of how wonderful it will be to bath in a bath smelling like that with my little one in my arms :)

Monnie said...

I purchased the blessingway bliss, pregnant mamma bliss, henna and postnatal kit and somebody gifted me the 'breastfeeding bliss' I Love your products! Just beautiful! and the peri bottle was a total life saver after birth!filled with warm herbal water provided me with so much relief and helped me to heal much quicker than I did my first birth.I am now a doula and have purchased some postnatal bliss and peri bottles for my clients I can not stress how beneficial these products are, just try them! you wont be disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Though I hadn't thought it possible, I'm actually a little MORE excited to birth my little lovely, knowing that I'll have the Post Natal Bliss herbs waiting for me! I adored bathing with my son when he was just new (and still do now at two, of course!), but the idea of including such a delicious sounding mix of healing herbs is just delightful! - Chantelle

Kirstan Flannery said...

A recent client of mine used your Post Natal Bliss herbal bath blend following her birth. In short she loved them. She mentioned the noticeable difference they made in her healing process particularly with reducing excessive swelling, the relief when she soaked in them and feeling the whole of her vulva return to normal at a much faster rate than was the recommended healing time by her care provider. She was even enjoying intercourse 3 weeks after birth. It's such an effective blend you have packaged and it's wonderful being able to offer them to clients with confidence.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful products, I just received my 2nd order and I am very happy with the quality also the speed of postage and fantastic customer service! Thankyou and the peri bottle with the Post Natal Bliss herbs were amazing after I had bub! Total life saver!! from Monnie

Anonymous said...

Thank you Julie for all your care and advice - not just about the post-natal care products I bought, but the extra suggestions you made about how to treat those pesky post-natal ouchies! Every time I've bought a product from Blissful Herbs, Julie has offered something special to go along with the product - her advice, a warm thought, speedy delivery. You can feel the care in each package! - Liz

Anonymous said...

Your Post Natal Bliss bath herbs were so divine for my sister and photographing her and her newborn was an utter delight for me. The bathroom smelled amazing, the baby was blissed out and the new mum and I just chatted whilst I snapped and she fed the baby and Pretty Petals floated all around. It was one of the most lovely hours I have spent in a long time. Thank you!! - Carla

Anonymous said...

I can certainly attest to how the Post Natal Bliss peri wash helped me. I didnt set it up til 24 hours after birth and the relief was instant and I also felt so much fresher and feel that any odour was totally gone in way that normal washing wasn't accomplishing. I had a 1st degree unsutured tear that was quite long and it healed totally within the week. I was able to sit cross legged day 2 and had absolutely no pain after then either :) - Simone

Unknown said...

I can only say wonderful things about Julie's Post Natal Herbal Bliss! Soaking in the hot bath tub with the sachet was so relaxing and soothing, especially to both my perineal tear and cracked nipples. I believe that I was able to recover at a much faster rate with this herbal pack, and for that I am truly grateful to Julie. My favourite was the Soothing Salve! Such a versatile cream, we use it for nappy rash, cracked nipples, as a lip balm and the list goes on. Thank you again Julie for this wonderful pack, would highly recommend it to anyone having a baby:) - Julia

Unknown said...

I can only say wonderful things about Julie's Post Natal Herbal Bliss! Soaking in the hot bath tub with the sachet was so relaxing and soothing, especially to both my perineal tear and cracked nipples. I believe that I was able to recover at a much faster rate with this herbal pack, and for that I am truly grateful to Julie. My favourite was the Soothing Salve! Such a versatile cream, we use it for nappy rash, cracked nipples, as a lip balm and the list goes on. Thank you again Julie for this wonderful pack, would highly recommend it to anyone having a baby:) - Julia

Anonymous said...

Your products have been so amazing!!
I have a nasty tear and have been using the Post Natal Bliss in my bath and it has been so wonderfully soothing and makes the pain and tight feeling in the stitches go completely away.
The Soothing Salve I have been using afterwards on my tear and put it on before bed. I could not live without this its helping me heal so quickly!
I am also thoroughly enjoying the After Birth Bliss Tea now and am just feeling so nourished by it, it is just what a new Mum needs.
Thank you so much for making these products and I am so glad I found you and them.

Anonymous said...

The Post Natal Bliss herbs arrived this morning. They're beautiful and smell just divine, thanks so much. From Freda

Melinda said...

Julie is amazing!
I have bought soothing salve for myself and my mother (undergoing chemotherapy treatment, uses it where her skin has broken out in rashes and sores)It is wonderful stuff, so versatile and smells great!
Julie also put together two beautiful baby packs for two of my dear friends expecting babies. She accommodated my requests without problems, charged reasonable prices and had prompt postage... I couldn't ask for better service or better products :)
Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know, I gifted the Post Natal Peri kit to a new mum on Friday and have just been told she loves it! She put the herbs into the bath and is now feeling relaxed and calm. Thank you so much!
I know quite a few mums-to-be due to have their babies over the next few months so will definitely be placing another order soon! From Jamie

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you so much for my herbs, Julie! I birthed my fourth baby a week ago and have been using the salve on my perineal area daily as well as daily herbal baths, and have never experienced such quick and gentle healing. I sustained a minor graze as well as the usual swelling, and was fully healed within the first week using nothing but your herbs - my midwives were amazed. From Nic

Anonymous said...

Julie, thank you so much for your amazing service and products.
My little one arrived before I'd had a chance to order and you went above and beyond to get them to me. Hopping into that bath with my new bub was the most relaxed we have been since her arrival. Dani

Anonymous said...

All my friends having babies get your beautiful bath herbs from me, because my midwife gave me some when I had my son and I loved them. Amanda

Anonymous said...

My beautiful baby boy arrived peacefully at home and into my hands in the water early in March! It was yet another beautiful and powerful experience, and I wanted to thank you for the part you played in supporting my body with your truly wonderful herbal formulations for the birth, and am still enjoying the benefits through breastfeeding and still having the occasional bath with Post Natal Bliss - magnificent preparation - I really noticed an acceleration in perineal healing and blood loss after the first bath. Thank you!! 😊 I will share you with my following too and make sure they know which products I used and how much they helped me! Alison

Anonymous said...

Thank you Julie for the beautiful teas and bath herbs for the birth of our beautiful girl. I really appreciated that you took the time to answer my questions and explained your beautiful products before ordering. It was lovely talking to you. Being handed your lovely teas during and after labour added to the amazing experience. Thank you once again. Lauren

Anonymous said...

I tell you the Post Natal Bliss herbs to bathe in and squirt on your bits - BEST EVER. First time I used it was with my fifth babe, I healed the fastest by far. So soothing. - Shasta

Anonymous said...

Had a bath in the Post Natal Bliss herbs tonight so amazing gotta say i was a bit skeptical but not any more - even 3 weeks post birth i felt them working. Brooke.